Instinctual, Rise of the Iliri

InstinctualInstinctual, Rise of the Iliri book two by Auryn Hadley.

This is the second time I’ve read these books, and I still love them, fell right into the story again. It felt like reading for the first time. So good job Auryn.

Sal earned her place in the Black Blades, no surprise with being full Iliri. She now needs to find it in herself to become the Kaisae that is not the only thing the CFC knows, they now know that the Black Blades are all Iliri.
Now she needs to find her place in her family, how to make it work with two lovers and one being her superior, show the CFC how good they are without being hanged. And the humans aren’t happy about it. They get kicked in the back many times and they only want to protect what is theirs. And keep Terric from their doorsteps.

There is a bunch of steel heading to Angalia and they are the best to stop the load. Only the parliament thinks they can use this mission to let them fail, to show how bad the Iliri are and that humans are better. Not knowing that by doing so, they only strengthen the group of Iliri, making their bond stronger and their family more. They get the order to find two more Black Blades and finding them can be hard when everyone is working against you.

Then there is the part of her sleeping with Bleac and Jase and parliament is planning on meddling in her love life, because she has ears on her head and proves over and over that she is better than the humans. They keep throwing shit their way, keep trying to pull them down by not giving them more information over missions they need to do. Not only the bad intel makes it harder to work, they soldiers they have to work with, who hate them keep putting up road blocks, keep trying to get them in bad light keep trying to get them killed.

How are they keeping Terric from their doorstep, how are they fighting for their survival and those of all the other Iliri and crossbreds around, how are they going to fight against their own and make sure they all, human and Iliri survive.

Then there is her new mission, secure an alliance with Angelina, and this one is without her family. Only Jase to support her and no Blaec to fall back on. How is she going to do that?
They keep saying to Sal, trust you instinct, and listen to your instinct. We do what is natural.

I loved this book so much, you see how they all grow. How her relationship with Blaec and Jase changes, how she finds her place in their family and works herself up. How they train her to become the next Kaisae and how they keep encouraging her to become more.
I love all of them, Shift, Risk, Blaec, Jase, Zep, Artic, Razor, Geo and Audgan. The two new guys of the family, they are young and strong and I love the cockiness Geo has and how Audgan is the silent one, looking around and just observes, I think of him as a ghost, not really knowing he is there.

The relationship between Jase and Blaec is so good, It would be so great to have a family like that.
No secrets, no shame, only being the one you want to be. I feel inspired by a character as Sal, she makes the best of what there is in front of her. Doesn’t hate and tries always to see the best in others. I like the way how the other humans keep reacting to her and how she learns to trust them, not all of them. I love how she sees the good in everything, lives in the moment. Something more of us could do too, and I mean me. Yesterday is yesterday for a reason.

The story is written so well, it is a one breath kind of book, even for the second time. I can’t wait for the next book and no not the third, that one is already finished. I mean the eight book. I love Auryn and her writing style, her way of telling this and for me the powerful feelings they awake inside me.

Check out book 2 here.



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