Harmony of Their Souls

Harmony of Their Souls - A Reverse Harem Fantasy: Soul Tenders Book 3 by [Lindahl, Serena]The third installment of the Soul Tenders is here. Harmony of Their Souls by Serena Lindahl brings the kingdom to total upheaval. Kiarra and her five soul mates have had to flee the city in order to preserve the kingdom. Everett and a dark mage have killed the royal family and taken everyone else that they could hostage in the dungeons.  The six along go to the countryside on their way to the neighboring country.  On their journey they learn that their relationship isn’t unheard of among the country people..  Most of the women in the outskirts of the kingdom have multiple husbands that help them to run the farms, but also raise their families.  The units are all over the countryside while the city is still stuck on one man and one woman. Kiarra’s magic is growing and her connection to her men grows even more. The dark mage is coming for Kiarra and her cousin from the neighboring kingdom comes to teach her about her mates and her magic. Can the six fight Everett and the dark mage, or is all hope lost.

This was a good third book.  I like the connection between each of the guys and Kiarra and the guys amongst themselves.  The story has so much depth and the story gets so good.  I loved learning about how the non city people lived as it was a great way to make the whole book essentially reverse harem. I liked her cousin though some of what happened surprised me. The action in the book was super great and added so much. I really enjoyed how Kiarra grows not only into her power, but into her love for each of the guys.  No one is left without feeling loved or cherished. Each is treated as if they are vital, which each really is.  With the ending it seems that there could be more books in the series.


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