Kingdom of Storms

Kingdom of Storms: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (The Legend of Tariel Book 1) by [Walt, Jasmine]So the newest series by Jasmine Walt might be one of my favorite.  Kingdom of Storms in the Legend of Tariel book is a great read. I loved the whole book and it was one of those that I didn’t want to be over.  I am already anticipating book 2.  In the realm of Fjordland, magic is frowned upon and women are essentially owned. Women that are accused of being witches are burned by the inquisitor to keep all of the other women in line.  Men are the leaders and the ones that are in sole position of everything. Tariel is held by the Tyrook family and under their control.  She has been forced to stay on her own and away from many of the others in the keep. Tariel has a secret that she has to keep hidden.  She can do magic as she knows that one of her parents had to have come from the nation that accepts magic. She has an interest in one of the knights who in return has an interest in her Riann. But at the same time there is another that is as interested in her as well, Calrain. Where Tariel is from, the mages (witches is considered to be a negative term) take multiple partners/lovers in order to control the magic that the mages have. Tariel, Riann, and Calrain are forced to flee from the Tyrook castle to escape the witch hunters.

Tariel has to learn her magic and her love for the two men, though with her guide she is told that three are better than two.

I loved this book.  I think almost as much as I love the Sunaya Baine Chronicles.  I have read those like 5 times each. I love the main characters and all of the supporting characters.  Tariel is an amazing female lead.  She is fearless and doesn’t need saving.  She kicks ass and takes names and is willing to do the rescuing no matter what.  She doesn’t let the backward ideas of Fjordland control how she things.  She is totally progressive and forward thinking. Each of the guys that are in her harem are awesome.  I love all of them and can not wait to read more about them.  Each of the guys brings something so unique to the story. I don’t know that I could pick one that is my favorite. If you couldn’t tell this is a reverse harem, that has some great sexy times.  It is an amazing read, I totally recommend this.


Pick up your copy here.


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