Accacia’s Bite

accacia's biteThe third book in the Sister of Hex series Accacia´s Bite by Bea Paige is the last main book in Accacia´s series.
Devin has left and gone back to the queen at the castle after having his blood source being poisoned by the source. Devin has returned to being the queen´s punisher hurting any that the queen wants without know what he is even doing. Accacia can’t connect to him through their bond. Ezra and Rhain are required to return to the castle as the Dark Knights and Accacia works out a plan to go with them and try to get Devin back for their group. Accacia allows a spell to be put on her to change her appearance for three days to go with the guys and to retrieve Devin. Once in the castle, the group runs into Ether, an Angel of Death, that can kill by a touch of his hand. Like Clan Lux, his clan’s gift has also been turned from healing to hurting. The Queen is disappointed with the late arrivals of the two as Devin had returned prior. Ezra takes Accacia as his personal slave though with having upset the Queen she is sent to Devin. Devin is lost in his head and can´t seem to remember who he is or who Accacia is, and she isn´t even in her own body, kind of. Accacia has to attempt to get through to Devin and not have his bloodlust take him over again.

Amanda: This was a good read.
Idonea: I liked the first two books more than this one. It took me a little more time to get into it.

A: I much prefer Devin and liked the focus on him. His change is written very well and I liked seeing the difference between who he used to be and who was with Accacia.
I: I liked all the three guy’s, like that every book singles out one person more than the other. Which is nice, only I found it a little short and easy how they got him back.
A: Still, this book has more depth to his character then the other three guys. I liked the introduction of Ether and his two companions. Reading about them has me totally interested in their books and their daughter.

A&I: The new characters have been a great addition to the future of the series. The writing works well with the switch between Accacia and Devin. Like the previous book, the other guys aren’t in this and most of the focus is solely on Devin and Accacia.

I: like I already said, I liked the first two books better. This book was kind of quick, and it is a short book. Still it got me curious about Clover and the other daughters. There is one thing in the book I didn’t like, and that was the sacrifice Accacia had to make, I get it don’t get me wrong, I think I’m a little tired of the big sacrifice and the “O I’m a hero and didn’t know that” parts. Still love to read that kind of books only this week was different for me.

It is a good book, well written and it is a nice read.

Have a nice read,

Amanda & Idonea

Pick up Book Three Accacia’s Bite here


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