Gifted Connections Book 1

Gifted Connections: Book 1 by [Olivier, SM]Gifted Connections by S.M. Olivier has so much potential that falls flat from something super fixable. But a little on the story. Blake lives a life of hell. She has to not only work, but raise her sister since her deadbeat mom can’t do anything besides be drunk and high and bring home sleazy men that think it is acceptable to touch children. As a child after the death of her father, she began being able to talk to a boy in her head, but never knew if he was really real at first or just her way of coping with her father’s death. As time goes on she realizes that he is out there someplace.  He became her only friend and true confidant.

But at 17, her life is a wreck, but she tries to hide it as best she can, never wanting to draw attention to herself. The one thing that is her light is her music.  Blake is gifted and music is her real voice.  When her home life gets to really bad, a teacher, Jace, intervenes. Blakes learns that there is more to her, though in a way she has always know.  She can tell people what to do and they will listen to her without fail. A handy skill to have when you have to fight off your moms boyfriends.

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Stolen Soul

Stolen Soul (Yliaster Crystal Book 1) by [Rivers, Alex]The first release, Stolen Soul, in the new series by Alex Rivers is an intense read. Often an co-writer with C.N. Crawford, Alex doesn’t disappoint. Want the best high of your life, then look no farther than your neighborhood alchemist. Distilled children’s dreams or even nightmares, to potions to hear better are all things that Lou Vitalis is capable of.  After living on the street and working for a gang lord, Lou was shorting her life out until an accident six months prior forced her to take out a loan that she couldn’t pay back.  But “Breadknife” the criminal lord as a way for her to get out of debt.  He needs Lou to steal a crystal that is rumored to be only a myth.   But the catch: she has to steal it from a safe in the heart of a dragons horde.

Lou looks to bring in her two best friends that also grew up not only on the streets with her, but who also have magic or know about magic like she does. Isabella is a psychic and Sinead has natural persuasion skills. But for this break in it isn’t enough.  Lou’s team needs a magic hacker and a sorcerer for all things magic related. And a good sorcerer just happens to be in Boston, looking for answers of his own.

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Eternal Desire

Eternal Desire: The Siren Coven by [Loraine, Kim]

Eternal Desire by Kim Loraine is a great combination of history and magic.  Izzy is a witch that has been reborn over and over. Thousands of years ago she and her sister witches, Helena and Gwen were cursed to never make it past their 27 year.  Always dying in some way no matter what by the time they hit 27. After having been separate for the last numerous life times, angels have brought them together again, initially to help an angel be with his soulmate, but also to stop the rise of the witch that cursed them. Isoldt works in a local pub in London called the Witches Brew. On her night off she decided to go drinking with her sisters and runs into a devastatingly handsome man that is a shifter.  Between the two of them, they can’t take their eyes off of each other. Not that he knows her name, as names have power. The two find themselves in the alley behind the bar close to action when Grant learns that Izzy is a witch and ruins any chance he has of hooking up. Though he can’t stop his attraction to her.

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Their Memoriam

Their Memoriam: A Reverse Harem Romance (Utopia Inc Book 1) by [Michaels, Jazz]Their Memoriam a Utopia Inc book by Jazz Michaels is meant to mess with your head. Science has destroyed the world, well according to those who use religion as their pulpit. A plague descended on the earth about 35/40 years ago.  More than half the world died and the results left the world in a dangerous state. Science isn’t trusted anymore and blamed for everything. But that doesn’t stop people from searching for a cure and a way to fix the world.  Dr. Valda Bashan has know strife her whole life.  Her mother is accused of creating the plague and ending the world as we know it even though she still went to study science with her mother and father. On September 13, 2065, Valda awoke in a lifepod meant to protect her from aging and other complications. When she finally becomes cognitive enough she learns that she is the Lead Researcher in Biosphere One, but has no idea how she got here. She realizes that 5 years of her life are missing.  After her first twenty four hours she then has to help the others on her team to wake up. Four others are asleep in lifepods similar to hers and she has to help them wake up.  First is Andreas, a shrink for the team. Next is Hatch, a pilot, reasons unknown why he is there.  Then a medical doctor Oz.  And lastly a security captain Dirk. Valda questions the team but doesn’t even know why she is there.  After helping each of the men to wake and start living, Valda retreats to her lab to start studying why she might be there.

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All for 1

All For 1 by [Stunich, C.M.]The newest series by C.M. Stunich, All for 1 brings the mystery of this shorter story of sex trafficking and hidden identities. Three years prior, 1 (his whole name, its even tattooed on his arm) finds Cyrah on the streets where he shares a quickie with, but after all of those years he hasn’t ever been able to get her out of his head. Cyrah, known as Rebecca in her former life, helps families and loved ones locate women that have gone missing. She knows it isn’t a safe job and in the last three years it had moved her multiple times, but she plans to help those that have been affected by sex trafficking be saved, or at least found out about. She lives in Portland, Oregon and searches for all of the lost women.  Which more in the last six weeks have gone missing. On one of her searches she runs into 1 again after not having seen him since he left her three years before.  But she never forgot him, and he certainly never forgot her, still having feelings all those years later. 1 can’t ever get her out of his mind and in his life he is supposed to be emotionless and not ever care about anything except doing his job.  How can the two of them come together again after all this time? What has Cyrah gotten herself into looking into the disappearance of so many women?

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Sacrifice: A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy (Drakoryan Brides Book 1) by [Sinclair, Ava]Sacrifice by Ava Sinclair is a spin on the typical dragon shifter story. Lyla lives in a small village where fear of dragons is all that they know. Every certain number of years, one woman is sacrificed to the dragons in order for the rest of the village to survive. Lyla has been picked to be the sacrifice. She must stand up to the dragon and even though she thinks she won’t survive she isn’t truly afraid. She is taken by a great green dragon, but before she knows where she is going she faints from the height and the fear.

Drorgros has earned the right to claim Lyla first before his brothers. He fought and won to take her virginity. Drorgros is the oldest of the four dragon brothers and is the de facto leader since the death of their father. He is the first to take Lyla even when she isn’t sure how she is still alive. She thinks that the dragons must work for the men and that is why she has been taken.  Not knowing that the men are the dragons. After their night together Lyla is presented before the court and passed to the next brother, Zelki, who thinks himself to be greater than he is. He fought to claim her and lost so could only do so second. After that in order the other brothers Tythos and Imryth have the right to claim. Lyla meets a woman taken by the dragons a few years before and learns how much she loves her life with her men.

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Their Phoenix

Their Phoenix (Daughters of Olympus Book 3) by [Hart, Charlie, James, Anastasia]The third book in the Daughters of Olympus: Their Phoenix by Charlie Hart and Anastasia James brings the next sister into play. Lark is an acrobat in Vegas with the skills to get her own show at one of the fanciest hotels on the strip. She lives with her controlling mother that is also a witch that has set rules for her life. For her new show on the strip, her casting director Mark has hired the other people that will be her crew and performing with her. But they aren’t your average men.  The five guys, North, Vaughn, Sawyer, Arrow, and Brecken are the most attractive that she has ever seen and their skills in the air are beyond what she could imagine. The guys have a small secret though. They were sent by Gaia to protect and look out for Lark.  But on top of that they are hawk shifters that only want to keep her safe in whatever form that must. Lark begins to break her mother’s rules and learns about a past she never knew.  Her whole life starts to change while she begins her training for the new show.  She and the guys begin to develop feelings for each other that could change everything.  Gaia told the guys to protect her, but never said anything about not falling in love with Lark. Can Lark overcome her past to make way for her future? Can she handle when she learns about her past and who her father is?

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