Dragon School

So this review is a little different as I am going to do a series of books that keep getting additional ones, but I figured I would share about it as I really enjoyed this series.  It is a shorter series, but I couldn’t stop reading it.  The series is Dragon School and as of right now there are four in the series with the fifth due out in February. This series is by Sarah K. L. Wilson. The story is about Amel, a sixteen year old girl that to help her family gives up her home to attend Dragon School.  Amel is different from everyone else there, she was crippled as a child and does not have the use of her left leg and hip.  

But that doesn’t stop her from wanting to become a Dragon Rider.  On their first day each student gets to pick their dragons.  They range in color from Black (the builders), to blue, to white (the healers), to red and gold and to a single purple.  The students all get to pick starting with the most influential of families to the lowest, Amel. Once it becomes Amel’s turn there aren’t very many left.  But then a voice in her head tells her that he is the dragon for her and that he in fact has chosen her. And his name is Raolcan.

Dragon School: The Dark Prince by [Wilson, Sarah K. L.]Purple dragons are the most rare, and at dragon school there is only one other Dragon Rider that has a purple dragon.  And that rider starts to take an interest in Amel.  Leng is a full Dragon Rider stationed out of Dragon school.  He is warm and kind and sees past Amel’s damaged leg.  He wants to help her to make it past her first flight where she can go on to becoming a full Dragon Rider in time with her training.


Dragon School: The Ruby Isles by [Wilson, Sarah K. L.]So this was a great little series and a new book in the series comes out every 18 days.  So it will be a nice way to get my fix.  Each of the books are only a little over 100 pages, but to be honest I got so caught up in the series that I didn’t mind. Especially when I had four to read.  Hopefully the author will combine the books and put them into one once the series is done.  I liked Amel as she wouldn’t take shit from anyone and went out of her way to try her hardest even though she has a life altering health issue. She is strong and resilient, and the type of character I would tell teens/young adults who have health issues is worth looking at.  She knows what she can and cannot do and then finds a work around for what she can’t. Her growing friendship with Savette proves that anyone can have a good heart even when others can be judgy.  I like Leng and hope that other purple Dragon Riders come into play in the story.  I also in the back of my heart hope that Amel can be helped through the use of the White Dragon Riders to give her an easier time as she has already had a lot of shit thrown at her.  I am eagerly awaiting book 5 in this series.


Check out Dragon School: First Flight here


Book two Dragon School: Initiate here


Book three Dragon School: The Dark Prince here


Book four Dragon School: Ruby Isles here




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