Prism: The Color Alchemist book one by Nina Walker has such an interesting take on what can happen to the world farther down the line. The kingdom of New Colony run by King Richard and his wife and their one son Lucas. In the kingdom of New Colony the world is very different.  It is the most prosperous country in the world residing in what is the east coast of the United States. In New Colony what makes them different from everyone else is the use of powerful Color Alchemists that have the ability to use colors for things like healing and listening and strength.  But what makes New Colony interesting is that if you are found out to be a Color Alchemist you are taken from your family to never see them again and raised at the Guardian Colors compound on the castle grounds. Normally children around the age of six begin showing the affinity for alchemy and are taken, but there is always the exception to the rule. Jessa is sixteen and without knowing it uses and separates a color while she is on stage dancing in front of the King and Lucas.  She is able to pull the purple from her clothes and break it down into blue and red, something that is unheard of.  She is taken from her family, leaving behind her younger sister Lacey and sent to the palace to learn.  Little does she know that the crown prince has taken an interest in her and has been assigned by his father to watch over her training and make sure that she produces red.

Lucas has is own secret though.  He has been contacted by the Resistance.  A group of people that want to return the country to a democracy. Lucas starts to realize all of the potential that Jessa has and wants to have her help him. But his Resistance contact, Sasha has made it appear that he and she are dating.  But he knows that he is so untrue to himself with his growing feelings for Jessa. But can he train her and stay on the task that his father set out for him?


This was a good read.  I really like Lucas and I like how the book was written from both Lucas and Jessa’s point of views.  It is always nice to know what is going on in the other persons head and in this case it was vital with how many secrets this book holds.  The description of what color alchemist use and how they go about it was really well thought out and written.  I like where Nina went with this.  It was an enjoyable read.  I am excited to start book 2 especially with the ending and see what happens in the next part of Lucas and Jessa’s life.


Check out book one Prism here


And book two is already out so once you are done there grab book two Fracture here.


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