A Bond of Venom and Magic

a bond of venom and magicA Bond of Venom and Magic, the Goddess and the Guardians. Book one by Karen Tomlinson.

I found this book by accident. And first when I started to read it, I thought oke not my kind of book. It took me two chapters to find the rhythm and to start enjoying the book. And then I couldn’t put it away.

It tells the story of Diamond a half-blood fae and Hugo a fae. To be honest I don’t like the name Diamond, still after reading both book don’t like the name. Luckily for me, I can get over that fact.
Diamond lives with her father in a small town in the woods. One day her father finds out that they are under attack by the creatures of the Wraith Lord, an immortal who sucks souls to gain strength and to conquer the world. He races towards his house to find that his daughter Diamond isn’t there and goes looking for her. She gets surrounded by creatures and her father first saves her with a family friend of theirs. Then when everything seems lost a group of fae warriors rescue her.
To keep her safe, she and a friend are taken away. And then everything starts.
There are only a few problems. The commander who saved her, Hugo, is in service of the queen and that means that when he finds out that Diamond has magic, he needs to bring her to the Queen. And she is an evil bitch, she sucks all the magic out of fae or half-bloods with magic. Only the ones with gold wings can stay alive, they become her personal guard. The others with colours like green, red, white are all killed.
Hugo is sworn to the Queen to do everything she wants, and that is problem number one.

Being raised in a dark place that the palace is, he doesn’t know how to protect the one he starts to love. And after a battle that got her in big trouble he rushes her back to the palace to save her.
When the queen finds out that there is a half-blood fae in her palace with more magic than ever seen. She makes an example out of Diamond, only to find out that there is something between her best commander (Hugo) and the girl. Making Diamond her live only harder.

Trying to keep everyone safe, Diamond learns what it means to stand up for herself, too fight for what she loves. Only to be beaten down, not only by the Queen also by Hugo who she started to trust.
Now she needs to find out how to save herself, Hugo, her friends and all of the other people in their land. Because the Wraith lord is getting closer. And only she can stop him, by becoming a weapon.

I liked the story so much, the way it is written. The trust and then being knocked down again. Having to build yourself back up again. It is great, I love how Diamond grows from a girl that doesn’t really know what she is doing to someone who finds her balls and kicks back. How Hugo keeps protecting her in the only way he knows how. It is so great, to see the romance between them.
Like I said in the beginning, I had to find the rhythm of the book, and that made me doubt if I wanted to read it. Only, after a chapter or two I got used to it and started to like the writing style. How the writer tells you the story. It is different than what I normally read.
You see how much the writer grows in her writing, and you find that sometimes it is more out of Hugo his point of view and then from Diamond her point of view. And here and there you have the comments from other people around. It is something that gives this book so much more depth.

I really recommend this book, to people who like books about fae, bigger destiny’s, love between two different people and a fight that gives you the feeling that you can do everything.
I read the second book right after I finished the first, so get here you copy for the first book. And buy here already the second book.

Have a nice read.


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