A Bond of Blood and Fire

a bond of blood and fireThis review contains spoilers read first the first book. Thank you.

A Bond of Blood and Fire, the Goddess and the Guardians, book two by Karen Tomlinson.

I read this right after the first book. And got hooked in seconds. The writer has grown so much between the first book and this one.

The story continues with Diamond in training to become the weapon that the Queen wants her to be. Only one thing that makes it a lot more difficult, is Hugo. He is now nothing more than her enemy, feeling betrayed by him. Not knowing if she ever will trust him again, she starts her training. Hugo trains her hard and with some help of the goddess she becomes stronger, better and faster.

Diamond trains and trains. Her relationship with Hugo keeps changing, from great to terrible. Hugo knows that they are Nexus that they meant to be with each other. And he tries to win Diamond back, to make her trust him again. Something that isn’t that simple.
Her training goes well, and her relationship with Hugo gets better making her happy. Finding new friends and finding out that she can do more.

Then the Queen finds out that her commander and Diamond are growing towards each other again. And she gives Diamond the test, a horrible test. After she passes the test she is send to the Wall to fight Giants, dragons and the army of the Wraith lord.
Here she needs to train her magic to become even stronger and save everyone in Valentia.
It gives also her and Hugo the freedom to find out what is between them.

They need to overcome a lot of obstacles, fight for each other and make sure that they always find each other. And this war is one of those things. Fighting for her new found love, her friends and the people Diamond dives head first in the battle. Trying to save everyone.

I loved this book more than the first, I didn’t like it when it ended and when I found out the third isn’t here yet. It is a book with more page, than other books I have read in the last few weeks. Which is fine by me. And the books are detailed, they tell so much, it is so good.
Hugo grows so much in this book, getting to know who he is and what he wants. I love how they grow to each other and then something happens and they need to start trusting each other. And I like it that the Queen isn’t there, so they can get close and tell what they feel for each other.
I love the small plots you find in the book, things that are different then I first thought. I love how Diamond has grown, knowing what she wants how to make it happen. And I love the romance in it, and it isn’t the sexy sexy romance, no the tension of two souls who know they are meant for each other only live keeps getting in the way. I know these are a lot of loves, only I love it. Like the writing style and I really want to read the third book.

Buy the second book here.

Have a nice read.


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