Stowaways: Reverse Harem Romance (The Challenge Book 4) by [Harlem, Lily]Book four Stowaways in the Challenge Series by Lily Harlem has been brought forward for release almost a month.  Book 3 left off on a cliffhanger (not anything bad, but more of a “what the hell just happened”) and Book 4 Stowaways picks up right where 3 left off. Olivia and her guys are still in Africa finishing up the hospital and waiting for the medical team to take over. Olivia and her six guys have gone about refitting the van in order to hold the leopard that has been stalking the village. Lucas almost becomes dinner, but with the clear heads of his brothers and Raul, they are able to get the leopard trapped to take to a sanctuary. But as the new nurses that are friends of Paul’s show up, his personality changes and he rejects the relationship that he had committed to with Olivia and the other 5 guys. Paul shows his true colors and expects that Olivia would stay behind in Africa to be just with him, not realizing that it is a polyamorous marriage and Olivia loves all of her guys. Olivia and the other 5 return to Cape Town only to run into more issues forcing the Challenge team to head out early to get to Spain to check on Raul’s restaurant that he had been away from too long. But with Evan’s fear of flying, the team decides to catch a ship without using Harry’s money.  Can they make it to Spain?  Or will they have to separate to get there and leave Evan behind.

The beginning of this book was intense.  I am so happy with Lily drop kicking Paul the hell out of the story.  I am sad that Olivia has the feelings she does, when he isn’t worth anything. I disliked him in book 3 so I was much happier for book 4. Olivia has grown so much, but at the same time I feel like she stunted herself by her hangups.  But with the choices she has to make that could happen. The writing is so smooth and like how it picks up from book 3 and doesn’t gloss over anything.  The sex in the book is steamy and I won’t lie I wish there could have been more, but the reasons for it are pretty funny.  I totally felt bad for Lucas a few times. The new characters are great additions even with them being in this book only.  I am interested to see what happens in book 5 and was happy I wasn’t left with a cliffhanger like I was from book 3.  This is a great series by Lily Harlem and I recommend checking it out.


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Grab Book 1 here, to start the series.

Pre-Order Book 5 Breakaways here.


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