Covert Fae

Covert Fae: A Demons of Fire and Night Novel (A Spy Among the Fallen) by [Crawford, C.N.]The newest series by C.N. Crawford is here.  Covert Fae is the first (though there is a prequel that I totally recommend you check out) in A Spy Among Angels series. The world has gone to hell, well to the Angels, but they aren’t the god forgiving ones that everyone thinks they are. In fact they are more like the smite and bring fire and brimstone down upon the earth. Eighteen months ago the dragon shifters came and destroyed the world, taking women with them when they left.  Ruby’s sister was snatched from her while she was cornered by dragons and saved by a rather blood thirsty angel. The angel took an interest in Ruby, but he mistook her for something else.  Ruby is in fact a Fae, but to feed into her fae powers, she loved dancing and had a stage persona.  She was Angela Death a succubus. Her fae powers give her the gift over illusion even down to her scent and her aura. Ruby fled New York and ended up following the Angel that saved her in London hoping he could help her find her sister.

But living in London isn’t easy.  She has to fight for every little thing from food to kindling to water.  She lives with three others, but they are strictly human. Every day she or one of her group has to go out to check on their hidden garden and hope that they have enough food growing and animals trapped to keep living. While on her sneaking she would put up her illusion of the succubus in order to try to prevent other people and creatures from getting near her.  But her illusion ends up working too well and she draws the attention of two angels to her.  The one she first meet in New York and another more violent angel. She peaks both of their interest in her Angela Death persona and works towards finding away to find and save her sister and to learn more for the resistance that both of her parents were apart off. Can she find a way to save her sister or is she just another casualty in the war the angels have brought to earth?


This book seems to take place in the same universe as the Shadow’s and Flames Series (which is one of my favorite).  I love how seamless everyone of C.N. Crawfords books are since there are two authors.  C.N. is a husband and wife duo that blows me away with every book.  Ruby is a full on badass that isn’t afraid to kick ass when needed.  While she has some issues, the world basically ended, who can blame her, she still has the ability to overcome them. I love all of the supporting characters and I hope that we get to learn more about them in the future. As for the angels.  They might be evil, but I still really liked the two.  Johnny is a worthless ass, and I couldn’t stand him.  But the other two.  I can’t wait to read the next book to see what happens, especially with the ending that we are left with.  Yet another amazing book by C.N. Crawford.  I look forward to the rest of the books in this series.


Check out Covert Fae here.


And pick up the Prequel by joining C.N. Crawford’s email list.


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