Deadly Dreams: The Cursed

Deadly Dreams: The Cursed (Alternative Futures Book 2) by [Hope, Averi, Andersen, Lacey Carter]Book 2 Deadly Dreams: The Cursed is finally out. I couldn’t stop reading the first so I was so excited with this one’s release. By Lacey Carter Andersen and Averi Hope. It has been two years since Caleb left Erin to go to the earth academy after their fight, even with Erin’s video message. Erin is taking a demotion from commander to lieutenant commander on the newest ship The Odyssey. Erin for the past two years has dream jumped to be close to Caleb as she has never been able to get over him, and with his dreams it seems that he isn’t over her either. As Erin moves to her new position she learns as she transports that Caleb will be her commanding officer. Like Erin, Caleb still has feelings for Erin and sees her as his mate. Caleb and Erin play a game around each other and find themselves still wanting each other above anyone else.  To the point in the last two years neither could bear to be with someone else.

With the soon to be departure of The Odyssey Erin finds out that she will need to dream jump to put an end to Ahmed’s rain of kidnapping and terror. This book like the first is written chapter to chapter be both Erin and Caleb.

I love this series and I love Erin and Caleb.  I don’t want this series to end.  I love the relationship and the complexities between Erin and Caleb.  The writing is super flawless, which is awesome especially with having been written between two authors.  Erin is such a strong character even when bad things happen to her.  Her spirit is so beautifully written.  And Caleb, even with all of his alpha male tendencies, which are sexy, is so complex and so in depth. The new characters introduced are such great additions and getting to know more about Erin’s past is such a great addition to the book. I know that there is a third due out but it looks like the next will be about someone else I can only hope that Erin and Caleb make an appearance.


Check out book 2 here


If you haven’t check out book one grab it here and check out my review here


Pre-Order book three here.

And Pre-Order book four here.


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