Now or Never

Now or Never (Iris Boys  Book 1) by [Smoke, Lucy]So I thought that I had already shared this book with you, and then come to find out I hadn’t and I am so kicking myself in the butt.  Now or Never the first in the Iris Boys by Lucy Smoke was a great read. Harlow is almost done with high school, only a few more weeks left and she will be done.  She lives with her mom, who is very ill and forgetful and has to take care of her.  In order for them to survive, Harlow works at a local diner earning enough money to pay for even the most basic of things.  While on shift one night two rather good looking guys come in while she is on shift and start to flirt and try to hit it off with Harlow.  But at the same time guys from her high school also show up creating a bit of a disturbance. Harlow doesn’t give them much notice, but she starts to realize that more than one guy starts to take a passing notice in her. When at school she is called into the principal’s office to have a meeting about her future and to introduce her to Bellamy. Bell and the group that he works for are looking to recruit Harlow onto their team.  But he can’t and won’t explain what their group does.  Other than that they want to hire Harlow to join them.  Harlow begins to hang out with the team consisting of Bell, Marv, Knix, and Texas.  But while she is spending time with them, a guy from her high school, Grayson, is actively pursuing her.

Harlow has to decide if she is interested to join up with Iris and join the boys team or if she wants to return to her life of diners and taking care of her mom.  Can she even get through the rest of high school?  Check out this book and see for yourself.


This was such a great read and I love all of the guys in Harlow’s life. This is a reverse harem, but it is a totally slow build.  Each of the characters are described so well and the guys all sound pretty dreamy. Harlow is an action kind of girl who doesn’t take shit and I love being able to read books where the girls are fearless and not afraid of doing what they have to to live.  I don’t mean anything gross by that, but she works and takes care of her chronically mom and doesn’t really complain about it.  I really like Harlow as the main character. This book is told from Harlow’s point of view as how she sees the world and the events happening around her is vital to the story.  I honestly can say that I would have a huge crush on Bell, hands down.  Not that the other guys aren’t great, I just like how he is described and then how he acts.  Texas or Marv would be a close second.  The writing is so well done I hate having to wait until March to read the next one.


Check out Book One Now or Never here


And Pre-Order Book Two Power and Choice here.


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