Hell’s Belles

Hell’s Belles by Alison Claire is the first in her Hell’s Belles series.  This book follows Emma a high school senior that has had her whole world turned upside down and inside out.  Emma’s parents and sister went on a day trip without her after she got in a fight with her mother.  But they never returned.  Both her parents and sister where killed sending Emma from her home in Riverside, Ca (where in fact I am writing this from) to North Carolina to live with her grandmother.  Her grandmother doesn’t really try to have anything to do with her and then she also dies leaving Emma completely alone without any family to take her in.  But a supposed friend of her father’s comes to take her to her home in South Carolina to live with her permanently. Virginia Embers lives in a rolling house thats so huge it essentially has its own zip code.  Virginia has two other girls that live with her as well.  Calista and Josephina. Each of the girls are beyond beautiful and Emma feels out of place right off the bat.  Emma has to come to terms with living in a house where no one will answer her questions and she feels that she doesn’t belong.  But Virginia is determined to prove to her that she really should be there and be one of the Belles.

I picked up this book as it had a relatable character from a Linsey Hall book.  Aleta Indigo appears in the Dragon’s Gift series in one of the books so I figured it would be fun to check out the series that she is also in.  While she is not the main character from this series, she shows up enough and is important enough.  This book has been an interesting read. At first it took me a little time to get into it, but once I did I have really liked it.  Though as someone from Riverside, we don’t ever like to be said to be from the 909.  We haven’t been since before the 2000’s so that comment seemed off to me.  But that’s just me having lived here for a rather long time.  Each of the characters are interesting, and there are special chapters so that way the reader can look more in depth to each of the Belles.  Book two is available now, I have just been a little behind on posting, but check out book one now and look for my review this week on book two as well.


Check out Hell’s Belles here.


Pick up Southern Charmed here.


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