The newest novel by C.M. Stunich has been released.  C.M. said that this is her favorite that she has written and I can totally see why.  Spirited is the first in The Academy of Spirits and Shadows reverse harem series.  It follows the story of Brynn of Haversey and her handler Jasinda, as they attempt to exorcise a ghost to earn their way into the Spirit Academy after being rejected 7 times. But Brynn is special.  She is half angel and half human whose black wings are so much larger than her that she often knocks into things and falls over. And this combination gives her the ability to see ghosts and spirits.  And yes ghosts and spirits are two different things. While on her assignment, Brynn runs into ghost Elijah that has been trapped from a year when he and his handler attempted to exorcise the same ghost, but they didn’t make it out alive.  Elijah helps Brynn and somehow in the process is unbound from his place of death and bound to Brynn.  While on their return, new ghost in tow, Brynn meets Vexer a griffin (in this story griffins are essentially men or women that can trun into griffins but always have their huge wings on their back) that returns her to the capital city. He takes an interest in her and tries to get her to go on a date with him, which she refuse, but later regrets that choice.  But she has more important things to do, like get Elijah back to the castle that she lives at and have him speak to the queen.

Brynn lives within the castle where her mother is in charge of all of the guards, but is also intimate with the queen, and has convinced Brynn’s angel father to be a part of it too.  But the queen is missing her husbands and daughters have have been killed leaving her with just one son remaining, Air. Brynn is completely in love with Air but thinks that it isn’t a shared romance.  The queen tasks Brynn and Jas to a difficult task changing their lives and those around them forever.


This was such a great read I couldn’t put it down.  I honestly read it in one go.  I love each of the characters that are in Brynn’s inner circle and especially like that it is written from the main character’s point of view in the different chapters.  I can see why C.M. says this is her new favorite book that she wrote.  The characters are so interesting and you can see all of the effort that C.M. put into each one.  I like each of the guys, though at the end of the book I think it starts to get a little crazy with how much of an ass Cross is.  But still.  I think that I might like Talon the best, but that might be in part to his bat wings (bats are my favorite animals and I love everything bat related and collect way more than my husband can stand). I will say that I still have question on Vex as his whole one man one woman is so dull.  I like that in this series one woman with multiple husbands is the norm and is almost to be expected. The twists and turns in this book are fantastic I can only say that you need to grab this and start reading.

Pick up your copy here.

Pre-Order Book two here.


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