Wings of Stone

Wings of Stone (Protectors of Magic Book 1) by [Wolfhart, Jenna]Wings of Stone by Jenna Wolfhart adds to her previous world. Rowena has been living with Shadow Witches since she was an infant. Her whole life she has been told that she is sick and has to take a potion every night at midnight. Due to her health she is only allowed to leave her room for one hour a day. Rowena’s life changes when a male, first that Rowena has ever seen comes to their hidden castle. Discourse occurs over the stranger, Marcus, being in the castle and Rowena is locked in her room with gargoyles that have been placed in her room. Rowena escapes from her room where she plans to escape from the castle she has never left before. Marcus offers to help her and flies her away, when the two gargoyles from her room follow them. What Rowena didn’t know was that with her gone, her coven’s castle has disappeared and sent with all of the witches to the middle of London.  Witch Hunters start attempting to go after Rowena now that her coven can be found.  The three gargoyles take Rowena with them to the home of the gargoyles, though now with magic failing there are only five left.  Can Rowena find out what happened, who she is and how to save the gargoyles?

This was a good read, I liked this better than the Blood Coven series. Rowena has great potential as a character and grows to a full potential in this book. This is a reverse harem, but it is much more of a slow burn, so don’t expect any sexy times here. The four main gargoyles are each a great read and their personalities add to the depth of the characters. I really liked the visuals that Jenna added in and the descriptions were well done.  The book is done in the first person point of view of Rowena and reads great that way. While I feel bad for large parts for Rowena, she does seem to do a kick ass job of learning who she is.


Check out Wings of Stone here


And Pre-Order Carved in Stone here, available January 26, 2018


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