Run Little Wolf

Another great read by G. Bailey. Run Little Wolf is the first in the Forest Pack Series. Harper goes to celebrate not only her last day of school but also her 18th birthday. Her best friend Colton is unable to go so she attends the party alone.  While speaking to her foster mother, Harper wanders away from the party where she is attacked by a wolf. Harper is rescued and taken away by a brother and sister to the Forest Pack lands.  Harper has been turned into a wolf.  While she is saved by the wolves, Colton has realized that Harper has gone missing. Colton had planned to reveal to Harper that he and his family were vampires, for her birthday since he had been in love with her and knew that she was his mate.  When Harper arrives at the Forest Pack she is introduced to the pack Alpha Nikoli. Nick takes one look at Harper and knows that she is his mate. Harper is still clueless about Colton but still is worried about him. Colton comes for Harper and tries to save her. Issues arise between the Forest Pack and a wild hog pack that try to find an excuse to invade pack lands. Could war becoming to the Forest Pack? How is Harper going to work through having two mates, one wolf and one vampire.

The only issue with this book is that it ended. This was another enjoyable read by Gemma. Harper is a great character that is good at taking things as they happen.  I liked that she didn’t freak out over knowing and becoming a wolf and learning about Colt being a vampire. I liked the grouping of Nikoli, Harper and Colt. They grow so well together in their relationship between the three of them. I enjoyed the writing and really enjoyed how the chapters are from each of the three main characters point of views. Each of the sub characters are super interesting, I especially like Gold and can’t wait to read more about her.  And with the ending, so many things are happening with regards to Snow and Erik.

Check out Run Little Wolf here.


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