Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes (Chosen by Fate Series Book 1) by [Winters, Aspen]Open Your Eyes the first in Chosen by Fate Series by Aspen Winter is a fun take on mythology.  Clara Daniels has lived hard life. She was raised by a neglectful mother that now she is done with college and wants to Clara to get married and become a housewife. Clara rejects her mothers ideas and is working to find a job in the business world. But she has run into issues, women are not accept in the business world and has kept running into sexist and perverted men. After her most recent job interview where the employer implied that she would have to sleep with the men for her job. She refuses and goes for a walk in the park where she runs into an older woman who leaves her with a cryptic message. An hour later she runs in the Greek God Eros who informs Clara that she is his and four other Bonded. Fate has given Clara’s soul as part of a way to keep the gods from fading. In an unusual way, Fate has bonded Clara to four greek gods and one egyptian. But not everyone thinks that bonding is good and a group wants the gods to fade from existence. Each of the gods is overly pushy as none of them want to fade into nothingness.

At first I thought that this was just a story about a girl in New York meeting guys, I had no idea that it would pull in mythology. Each of the personality of each of the five gods is entertaining as they are worried about fading and want to still exist.  This is a slow burn reverse harem where the only action is simple kisses.  But with how Clara reacts to the guys anything more would not fit in.  Clara seems to take a while to grasp what is going on to her and really is unhappy about it, not that I would blame her. Though the idea that businesses are so male focused and women are lower and only good as play things seemed strange to me. I guess I have known enough women that hold business degrees that haven’t experienced any issues, but I’m sure that it could exist. It was a fun read and I look forward to reading the next one.

Check out Open Your Eyes here


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