Thirst (The Kresova Vampire Harems: Aurora Book 1) by [Knox, Graceley, Miers, D.D.]

Thirst: The Kresova Vampire Harems: Aurora is the meeting of minds between Graceley Knox and D.D. Miers. Aurora is a typical 20 something year old that lives in New Orleans. Out one night she was attacked by a vampire and has been fighting on changing completely into one. She, along with her best friend Reina, look to find a way to prevent the change in Aura. While searching for a ‘cure’ Aura meets Carver a vampire employed by the Vampire Queen Morana. Aura unlike every other vampire before her has had to drink within 24 hours from the Queen, while Aura has gone over a week on her own. Carver takes an interest in her and she in return takes an interest in him. Aura is forced to meet the queen and the meeting doesn’t go well and Aura knows of the cruelty and knows that she hates her. But does Carver?  He seems to do anything she want and Aura is hurt by his actions.What does this mean for Aura? Can she do anything about the queen.

This was a great coming together of two authors. This was a fun read that moved quickly and I couldn’t not read in one sitting. This is a reverse harem, but Aura only really gets one of her guys. I wouldn’t call it a slow burn as there is some well written sexy times, but it isn’t at its harem level yet. Aura does know that she gets to have three consorts, so learning more about it is something to look forward too. I liked Aura as a character and how she takes everything as it gets thrown at her. Reina is awesome and she is such a fun best friend.  I really like her style. And Carver sounds so sexy and I am not normally into frenchman. I look forward to book 2.


Check out Thirst here.

Pre-Order Book 2, Tempt here.

Pre-Order Book 3, Turn here.


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