Heart on Fire

heart on fireRead the first book and the second book before reading this review if you don’t want to have spoilers.

Heart on Fire, The kingmaker trilogy book three. Amanda Bouchet.

There happened so much in the second book, they got into the Agon Games, won the Agon Games, Bellanca kills Alpha Tarva, she finds her sister Ianthe and they take over Tarva. Without an army and without killing a lot of people.

So she finds her sister Ianthe, who doesn’t want to kill her, like all her other siblings would.
She finds out that she is pregnant and is happy about it and she and Griffin are so much in love.

Now there is still one problem, Alpha Fisa, her mother needs to get killed to make sure that Thalyria will exist again. All three kingdoms in one, one happy country.
How are you going to kill your own mother, when you magic keeps failing you.
When everybody keeps saying that you are the Origin, something special, something from the gods.
And most important, how are you going to kill you biggest nightmare.

Griffin and Cat needs to keep the border between Fisa and Thalyria safe, so they are asking the Alpha Ipotane if is willing to move the bargain they struck, and protect that border. Only the arrogant male doesn’t want to, until he notice Ianthe, there is a new bargain.
When that is settled they start planning on making the army bigger, with Sintans, Tarva’s and even some Fisans who came across the border in hope to make an end to Alpha Fisa’s reign.

Only one problem remains, Cat unstable powers and her self-doubt. So Cat and Griffin go to the frostfire witch in the hopes to get a potion that will stabilize her powers. Leaving the others behind they go. And Little Bean, isn’t that happy about it…

I don’t want to tell you more, you need to read it. This third book was good, I hated it when it ended. I always hate it when books end, why can’t they go on forever. When you love the characters in the books it is hard to say goodbye and I always find that the ends are to soon and rattled off. I think that has more to do with me don’t liking that the books end then that the writer wants to finish the book as quickly as possible. This book was written so well, like the first two. I like how Cat has grown throughout the books, how Griffin stands by her no matter what. I love those two.

The new characters who are added in the story are good and give a little more flow to it, and adds something different to it as well. I cried with this book, some things that happen are sad, still I love it when I get that kind of emotions from a book. Keep reading it. It was a great last book. Thank you for writing it Amanda Bouchet.

Get your copy here.

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