A Curse of Fire

A Curse of Fire (Fae Academy Book 1) by [Shade, Sophia]Book One of Fae Academy: A Curse of Fire by Sophia Shade is the first by this new author. Imogen and her mother have been on the run for the majority of her life.  She never stays anyplace more than 2 or 3 months.  But once Imogen has turned 18, those that have been chasing them seem to have caught up. Imogen finally learns why they have been on the run. Her father was a Fae and hooked up with her mom and when halflings reach the age of 18 are expected to attend Callador a Fae only university. Callador teaches each of the four elements and the seelie and unseelie youth how to control their powers and understand the Fae world they are apart of. Imogen is forced in the world not knowing anything that is going on and goes to Callador only knowing for a few hours before she arrived. One her first day she meets Ella and Dannika, a half fae and a full fae. Imogen learns that she is a fire fae and begins her training to master how to use the skills practically. On her first day Imogen meets Caleb an unseelie fire prince and Erick a third year full-blooded fire fae. Imogen starts to notice issues occuring at school with students getting sick and others getting attacked. She starts to build a relationship with not only Caleb but she starts to grow interested in Erick when they do nothing but fight. Can Imogen fit in at Callador and learn to master her fire skills and find out why so many students are sick?

This was a fun first book.  Imogen is a typical angst teen and her actions are totally understandable knowing that she can’t have a normal life after running around her whole life. Her personality is interesting and she keeps growing every chapter. I love her relationship with Erick and am interested in seeing how the two of them grow. While Caleb seems interesting he seems too full of himself though Erick is pretty much just an ass. The classes that they have to take sound awesome to me, but then I love history and politics. I am totally looking forward to book 2 that will be out soon.  Check out this book by this brand new author.  Which elemental house do you think you will be in?

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