Dark Moon

Dark Moon by Paige Taylor the first in the Illumination Book Series. Ava Pearce for the last ten months has been a lone wolf after being beaten and chased out by her previous Alpha.  She finds herself in Montana where she teaches martial arts to children and fights in cage matches.  At her latest match prior to going into the cage, Ava looks and sees a male that she wants to see closer. After her fight she meets Marco that she instinctively knew was her mate. Marco is ecstatic that he has finally meet his mate, as he never thought it would happen.  After taking her home to his pack, Marco has to introduce her to his cousin and pack Alpha Dylan and neighboring pack Alpha Wade. Ava and the guys realize that she is all of their mates, which isn’t unheard of within the packs. Ava works on getting to know her new mates.  But life isn’t as easy as all that when vampires attack Wade’s pack lands. Ava is rescued by another lone wolf who also is another of her mates, Zane. The secrets of Ava’s past starts to come out and she fears that her new found mates will abandon her.

This was a fast pace moving novel. Ava after being beaten down, raises to being kicked ass and doesn’t let the pain she experienced stop her from being strong.  While she questions her own bravery, she doesn’t question her own worth. Each of her mates are super sexy and have great qualities that are perfect complements to Ava.  I enjoyed the book and the writing style. I appreciated that Ava is totally knowing and accepting of what is going on in her life. She wasn’t in the dark about her future like some of the other books I have read in the past.  Looking forward to the next book Bright Moon.  As a first book for an author it was well done. I look forward to more books by Paige.

Pick up Dark Moon here


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