Breath of Fire

breaht of firePlease read the first book, because this review contains spoilers.

Breath of Fire, the kingmaker trilogy book two. Written by Amanda Bouchet.

Cat finally opens up her heart to Griffin and she starts loving him and trusting him.
She almost died in the first book, got saved and now she has to tell Griffin who she really is.
Something she doesn’t want to, knows that it needs to be done and she collect her balls together and plans on telling him. Except he figures it out. And it isn’t good.

She learned to love a man, learned what it meant to have a real family and started to love them back.
The family from Griffin, his parents Anatole and Nerissa, his brothers Piers and Carver and then we have his sisters, Egeria, Kaia and Jocasta welcome her with open arms.
And she doesn’t really know what to do with that. Her sarcastic ways keep surprising them, in a good way.

Cat decided that she needs to help Griffin in healing the world, by taking over the other country’s. So Tarva is first, only one problem, their army isn’t big enough. So they have to find another way to protect their border, for when they are on a mission. And that is when they plan to visit the ice plains, go to the Chaos wizard to find out how to get the Ipotane at their side.
And what a journey is that, getting closer to her mother in Fisa and getting in to a lot of more trouble.

Then there is the part of concurring Tarva, doing it in a way that doesn’t harm or get to many people killed. They enter the Agon Games and show the world who they are and what they are made of.
Read the book to know what happens in the Games.

I loved this book as much as the first one. The flow of the words on paper are great.
How the characters learn to deal with things, the love they have for each other. And how Cat learns to trust the people around her, and doesn’t have to do everything herself. It is something that I can related to, you can do everything yourself, it isn’t necessary. And that is what she learns, together you’re stronger.
I like it that this book isn’t all about her and Griffin that you get to know the others of Beta team and the family of Griffin too. It makes the book more alive than when you have them only at the side, like shadows. Cat makes the story, griffin ads so much more to it, only the whole family and friends make it complete. It is a series you want to read over and over.
And all the mystery you have around Selena and the help she gets from the gods. I love it, I really do. You keep guessing about why, who and what is going to happen next. I already said it, but I love it. I’m so happy I walked/swiped/flowed or just bumped into these books from Amanda Bouchet.

Get here the second copy and the third is out already, get it here.

Have a nice read.



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