All Spell Breaks Loose

All Spell Breaks Loose (Spellbound Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 10) by [Chase, Annabel]Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read the others in this series I totally recommend checking them out.

Book 10 in the Spellbound Paranormal Cozy Mystery series by Annabel Chase adds to the in depth story of Spellbound the Paranormal trapped in time. A short background, Emma Hart accidentally found herself in the enclosed Paranormal town of Spellbound.  For a few centuries, Spellbound has been separate from the rest of the paranormal world when a curse was cast.  Emma became trapped when she attempted to save Daniel a fallen angel, (only in that he has lost his halo). Emma and Daniel go through numerous trials and tribulations that have lead them to book 10. Emma and Daniel are preparing for their wedding day.  Emma is the town public defender and has to work to defend and help the supernatural residents.  She has her friends by her side and goes to enjoy her bachelorette party only to drink a tonic unbeknownst and have her memory wiped. She forgets everyone prior to entering Spellbound.  With her wedding only a week away Emma and her friends try to find out who would want Emma’s memory wiped.  Does it relate to the curse or just an unhappy client she couldn’t get off.

I love this series. It has been one of my favorite ever since I was introduced to it.  Annabel writes so fun and this book in the series is no exception.  The characters are so great even Millie. Annabel is so fun and the creative characters she makes are the best. Emma has grown so much over the course of 10 books and Daniel has just gotten better. Each of the stories are such a great build on each and after the ending of this I hope that this isn’t the end. The flow of this story is so great especially since it is so different from the series.  The serious events of this book are so great to the story but still has everything that you love from the others.  If you haven’t read this series yet I totally recommend starting with book 1.  And there’s another series about another paranormal town that I totally recommend checking out.  Read and enjoy this great series by Annabel Chase.


Book 1 Curse the Day

Book 2 Doom and Broom

Book 3 Spell’s Bells

Book 4 Lucky Charm

Book 5 Better than Hex

Book 6 Cast Away

Book 7 A Touch of Magic

Book 8 A Drop in the Potion

Book 9 Hemlocked and Loaded

Book 10 All Spell Breaks Loose


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