Damaged by R.R. Banks is the story of what happens after. Charlotte is unlike her sisters.  She doesn’t just want to settle down and get married and have children.  But her father and mother (especially) don’t understand why not.  She use to date Daniel, and was lucky to escape, even though her mother thinks that Charlotte is overly dramatic.  When her parents, who are considered to be new money, decide to take a family trip to the mountains to celebrate Thanksgiving, Charlotte agrees thinking it will be time spent with her family.  Little does she know that her mother has gone behind her back expecting her to be excited that her abusive and lying ex is there.  Charlotte packs her bag and heads out into a severe storm unsure of how to get off the mountain.  She ends up driving the opposite direction heading up the mountain where she hits a downed tree knocking herself out.  On the mountain above her, Micah lives away from human interaction after selling his software company.  It’s just him and his dog Scout.  But when he hears the crash, he investigates and finds Charlotte unconscious and brings her back to his home. When she finally wakes up, Charlotte can’t remember who she is or why she would have been in the car.  But Micah knows who she is.  He had a crush on her when they went to high school together, even though they haven’t seen each other in over 10 years.  Micah withholds that he knows Charlotte, worried that he can’t answer questions that she would have. With Thanksgiving days away will anyone even notice that Charlotte is missing?  Or has the world just become Charlotte and Micah keeping safe from the winter snow storm.

This was a fun read.  One of the few romance novels out there by a guy writer, it was interesting to see more from the male perspective, though he did a good job of having the female in there as well.  Charlotte with and without her memories is a good character that learns to fight for herself even when no one else is supportive of her.  The book does a good job of showcasing how victims of abuse react when no one is on their side.  I liked the high school connection and that since they were close to their own home town it wouldn’t seem too unreasonable. Micah seems like a great male main character and was written so smoothly.  RR Banks did a great job of showing how people can react to abuse and how abusers act as well.  Check out the book.  Also included in this version from Amazon are other books by RR Banks as well so you get more of his writing.  I enjoyed Snow and the 7 Hunks (totally thought it might be RH, was totally wrong) but still a funny read.


Check out Damaged here.


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