A Promise of Fire

A promise of fireA Promise of Fire, the Kingmaker Trilogy, by Amanda Bouchet.

I’m going to try something different, I love to talk about the books I read. And I want to write it down the way I tell them to my friends. So here it goes.

A Promise of Fire, tells the story of Cat soothsayer extraordinaire that is how she calls herself. Magically bound to Griffin, a really good looking guy, by a magic rope. A real magic rope, not getting lose, only one person can untie this kind of magic rope.

They live in a world that was made by the gods, the Olympians. You know Zeus, Athena, Ares and so on. It is divided in three countries, Fisa, Tarva and Sinta, every country has its own leader, they are called Alpha. They are always Magoi, strong powerful people with powers, like water mage, fire mage and a lot more different powers. They rule the county only thinking about themselves and the power they can gain, they are ruthless, back stabbing……. Something really terrible. Then you have the Hoi Polloi they are non-magic user, humans just like you and me.

Cat, works at a traveling circus, her trick, knowing when somebody lies and hearing the truth in their lies. She pretends to be a soothsayer, knowing the future and other stuff.
One day Griffin shows up, and all hell breaks loose, kind of.
He prowls towards her, I mean that. He is the Warlord who killed the whole ruling family of Sinta. Which makes him Griffin Sinta, he isn’t Alpha Sinta like he should be but he is Beta Sinta because he placed his sister Egeria on the throne making her Alpha. Something that never happened before, and his parents are still alive also never happened before. He catches her off guard, asked her one question and that question messed everything up for Cat. And that is how she ended up on a magic rope. Being taken by Beta Team to the castle of Sinta, the home of Griffin.

And then everything begins.

I loved this book, it is one of my favourite. And when I found out the third part was out, I kind of cried. It is so good, I love the Olympians, I like stories about the gods, Zeus, Hades, Ares. I even named one of my cat’s Zeus. This book was made for me. I love Cat, her sarcastic way of thinking, her jokes she makes, the selflessness she has, even when she doesn’t want to help others she does.
And then we have Griffin, a real warlord, a real man. Knows what he wants and then gets it. I love how the writer tells the story, how Cat reacts to Griffin and his smouldering looks he gives her, the possessiveness he shows towards Cat and how she ignores it.

The first book was good, I read it in one day, was happy about how it flowed, how the characters evolved. And how the other characters, like Flynn, Carver, Kato  (beta team) fit in the story, how they add all these things to it, giving more depth. It felt real for me, something that could happen next door, because the feelings that were described like how I would feel them or think I would feel them.

So definitely a book you need to read, buy the first copy here, and then the second here and the third here.

Have a nice read and let me know what you think of this book.




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