From the Deeps

From the combined efforts of Skye MacKinnon and Laura Greenwood comes the first in the Seven Wardens Series.  From the Deeps follows Macey a Scottish Loch Kelpie Princess living on land for the last three years with her two older twin brothers.  Macey, prior to moving to land had her powers locked away by her father since she was going to live among humans. But everything changes when a mysterious fog takes over her cottage and her brothers are knocked unconscious. While staring into the fog she sees eyes staring back at her before she collapses.  When she awakes, she finds that she isn’t on the earthly plain anymore, but is someplace else and can’t return home.  When she awakes she meets Camdan, Flint and Jared.  Each she learns is one of seven wardens that she too is apart of.  Cam has control over wind, Flint fire and Jared earth.  And the three believe that Macey is the Water that they have been seeking from a prophecy.  All that is missing is Lightning, Ice and then Air. Macey is drawn to each of the three and can’t seem to want more each time she is with them.  This is a reverse harem book that has so many possibilities.

I really enjoyed the combined writing of Skye and Laura.  This is a very fluid book and the switch between authors is seamless.  I liked the characters, especially Jared.  Each character introduction is extremely well done and only adds to the story.  Macey is willing to stand up for herself and I like that she knows how to carry herself.  She isn’t the typical princess that needs to be saved.  I thought that having a kelpie (if you aren’t sure what that is, best way to explain it is that it is an underwater horse) might seem strange, but it only added to the different types of mythological creatures out there and didn’t use one that has already been overdone. All of the characters introduced are fascinating and I can’t wait to learn it goes.  Especially with Lightning and Ice.  


Pick up your copy of From the Deeps here


And pre-order your copy of Into the Mists here.


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