Their Mate

The next book in the Daughters of Olympus, Their Mate takes a different spin then the first.  Co-authored by Charlie Hart and Anastasia James, Their Mate features the next of the sisters that have to be found.  Remedy has been living on the streets of Seattle attempting to survive after having experienced abusive and neglectful foster homes.  She steals to survive when she has to and has practically no one aside from a best friend, Sadie, that now lives in Alaska.  But when she gets an email from Sadie asking her to come and stay, Remedy finds away with the help of the local librarian to make it to Alaska.  Remedy realizes that her best friend is in a seriously abusive relationship, exactly like Sadie’s own mother, and tries to help her friend.  But when she takes it a little too far not knowing her own strength, she flees into the Alaskan wilderness. Not realizing all that is out in the wilderness is safe, a bear goes after Remedy where she is rescued by three wolves.  But as the bear flees, those three wolves become three handsome men.  Remedy thinks she has fallen into a dream and isn’t sure what is really anymore.  The three wolves take care of Remedy (in more ways than one) and show her that her life can be more than running away.

While like the book before this, it is rather short and a quick read.  But I found that I enjoyed this book much more than the first.  While I felt the first book was extremely rushed, this book seemed to take the time.  Each of the characters were well written and I liked that the different chapters where from the different points of views.  Also the link between the first book Their Siren and this one is a smooth and translates really well.  Also like the first in the series the writing is smooth between the two authors and flows really well.  I would have to say I like seeing the growth of the authors and am looking forward to book 3 and meeting the next sister and seeing where and who she is.

Pick up book 2 here.

Check out Book one Their Siren and read my review here.


Pre-Order Book three Their Phoenix here.  This will be available on February 23, 2018


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