Pursuit of Magic

The third book in the Dragon’s Gift: Valkyrie series is here. In Pursuit of Magic by Linsey Hall, Bree and Cade finally in the end of book two reveal some of their feelings for each other drawing them closer. Bree now knows who she is.  She is the Valkyrie DragonGod gifted with abilities from different Norse gods.  Going into book three she has lost her sonic boom, but has gained power over water and the ability to heal.  But Bree’s gifts aren’t working like they should and she doesn’t know why.  Her powers are trying to absorb each other and leave her without any powers.  She can feel the conflict within her. The Protectorate send her to speak to the seers.  Here she is taken to the Norse Life tree and meets the fates of Norse. They explain that in order to keep her powers she must travel through the Norse realms to the home of the Valkyrie and ground her powers.  She is only allowed to bring Cade with her as he is a god and can handle being in the gods domain.  The two travel into the intricate worlds of the life tree meeting many members of Norse mythology as they go.  Can Bree ground her gifts?  You’ll have to read to find out.

What a great third book.  I don’t want to give anything away as it was such a fun read.  I really like how the relationship between Bree and Cade is changing and that she is moving away from thinking that it is her and Ana against the world. Watching Bree grow and change from when she appeared in the second Dragon’s Gift series to staring in her own has been a great read.  While she has always been a bit badass. It is nice to see her moving away from being so closed off and broadening her horizon’s.  And Cade might be my favorite of the male interests in the Dragon’s Gift series.  I love his abilities and won’t lie, I totally wish I could smell him (read and you will totally get what I mean).  Check out the newest book in the Valkyrie series.

Pick up your copy here.


If you haven’t read book one pick it up here and check out my review.


Pick up book two here and then check out my review.



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