Accacia’s Blood

accacias bloodAccacia’s Blood, book two in the Sisters of Hex series by Bea Paige finds Accacia in the land of her birth on the quest to find her best friend Clover, who has been taken away from her home to the Forbidden Forest. With her three companions aiding her, which Ezra as always is not happy about, the four begin their search so Accacia can “rescue” her friend.
After wandering the woods for hours the group decide to rest and Accacia sleep walks away with Ezra following her. While she dreams converses with Clover, both Rhain and Devin are kidnapped by the Elven folk and taken to their home beneath the forest. Ezra is being stubborn as before by not accepting Accacia’s blood in order to live and starts to put the two at risk as he on many occasions doesn’t have the strength to walk. His desire to kill himself and join his dead family is still strong with in his soul and he doesn’t want anything to do with Accacia, feeling that he is betraying is dead wife.

Finally reaching the land of the elves trapped underground, Accacia learns what happened to the people when the curse by the Queen was cast. Accacia and Ezra enter through a door with a Red Rose and find themselves in the world of the elves. As they wander they meet Avery and he takes them to see the resistance of the elves against the elven king. The two also learn that that is who has taken Rhain and Devin prisoner and plan to kill them in some misguided sacrifice. Accacia learns that Clover is like her and she also has three strapping men to protect. Can Accacia save Rhain and Devin and will Ezra die due to his pigheaded ways?

Amanda: well you are just going to have to read and find out.
Idonea: *smirks like a fool*

I: I liked this book as much I liked the first. I read it in one breath, oke it was short so maybe a half a breath. Still liked it, being short doesn’t make this book any less.
A: This was a good second book and brought in so much. While it was still short, like Idonea said, I still understand that there are like 13 more books coming out in this series.

Accacia, unlike the first book begins to grow and become braver and isn’t as afraid, as in the first book. It is a natural growth, the fact that she can say, ok this is happening to me, lets deal with it and she where it goes. Shows a great strength. And shows that the writer knows about a thing or two in life.

A: I like Devin a whole lot and missed him in this book, but with the ending I’m excited to see more of him.
I: I think the books all focus more on one of the brothers then all three. Which is great, you get to know them even better, then when you have a few chapters each.

A: While Ezra was the main male focus in this book, I still found him to be self righteous and never found myself liking him.
I: And that is something I don’t agree with. I like that he is like that. Not the character that asks how high when the main character asks them to jump. He has a real reason to be an asshole, I would be the same…
A: I also didn’t like how the book ended and I didn’t like the choices that Accacia made. I felt like she picked wrong and wanted to smack her and tell her so.
I: Why would you want to do that Amanda. She made a choice, choosing for the one who needed it the most. That isn’t a flaw to her as a character, it shows that she cares for them in different ways.

A: Maybe, still the guys are each complex though Rhain and Devin seemed more like secondary characters not ever really about Accacia’s intimate group. They were pushed to the back like no name guards. I really thought that there would get to be more between Accacia and Rhain from the way the book started out, but I was kicked out of that fantasy.
I: I get what you are saying, and I would have liked more of them together too, all three or more one on one or maybe two and one. Doesn’t really matter. This story told more about Accacia and Ezra, which I find really important for the story line. That is how it made me feel. I missed Devin though, he is the big guy with a really good heart. I’m looking forward to the third book. And I can live with the fact that the books seem to single out one guy more than the other, and places them to the background. As long as they are happy, I’m happy. *and no that doesn’t sound really cheesy*

Pick up your copy of Accacia’s Blood here.

If you haven’t read book one grab a copy here and then read our review here.

We enjoyed the writing and look both forward to book three being released January, 27 2018. Preorder your copy of Accacia’s Bite here.

Have a nice read,

Amanda & Idonea.


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