Dark Ember

Dark Ember (A Reverse Harem Romance Serial): The Shadow Court Harem Book 2 by [Thomas, Harlow, James, Anastasia]The second in The Shadow Court Harem, Dark Ember is the newest release from Harlow Thomas and Anastasia James.  This next book picks up where Shadow Queen left off. Maeve is to be queen of the Shadow Court in the Fae Realm. She just had the chance to kiss Jensen one of her guards and realizes that her feelings are overwhelming her.  She comes back to the castle where she sees her aunt that has informed her that her betrothed from the Night Court is there to meet and marry her all in the same go. Maeve knows that she isn’t ready to marry, no matter how her aunts push her. She learns that Christian is the prince of the vampires, and when she first lays her eyes on him she realizes that how she feels about Jensen and Finn, she is starting to feel for this stranger.  Christian gives Maeve the chance to get to know him before making anything official. Maeve agrees to go away with him, but on the condition that Jensen and Finn go as her guards.  With her emotions in turmoil, Maeve isn’t sure she can choose between the two men she already loves and the man she is supposed to marry.

While this book is still short, it is much better than the first. The actions of the characters take on a more realistic approach and no time is lost in this book like the first.  Maeve isn’t afraid to take her chances, though still seems like she is the most naive 21 year old ever.  The change between chapters is still pulled off every well and I liked the addition of Christians commentary to the overall story. I am impressed with the changes to the story and like how much the authors have improved between this book and the first in the series. While I wish the book was longer, I love lots of details, what was written was good and got the point across.  I am looking forward to the next book, especially with the growth of the two authors. Again like the first the voice seems like one single author.  


Check out book 2 here


If you haven’t read book one, pick up your copy here and check out my review.


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