Queen Mecca

Queen Mecca (NYC Mecca Series Book 4) by [Stone, Leia, Eve, Jaymin]Contains spoilers if you haven’t read the first three books

The fourth and final book of the Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone NYC Mecca Series, Queen Mecca has been released. Book four comes together as the wolf shifters and the bear shifters come together under the united rule of Arianna and Kade.  After having survived so much and learning about her half fae heritage on her father’s side, Ari prepares the shifters of New York for war.  Knowing that the Winter Queen is coming for her and hers, Ari knows that she has to fight. She learns though that not only is the WInter Queen coming for her, but also another much more ominous fae as well. The Dark Lord, a former Autumn Fae wants to take New York and have Ari stand at his side. He attempts to steal her away to his frozen wasteland while she sleeps, but Ari is stronger than he realizes and starts to learn to control the Mecca on both sides of the veil.

With war on the horizon, the bears and wolves send their weaker pack members and their children to California to protect them.  This includes Winnie Ari’s little sister.

Kade and Ari’s relationship becomes troubled with the introduction of the dark spells and a staff Kade swears he can use to master the darkness. When Ari almost loses Kade, she learns of a new power that she possess but is reluctant to share, even with Kade.  She masters her magic preparing for the final fight to save not only New York but the Fae realm as well.


This was a great ending, and the epilogue was finally one that answered questions I had wanted to know.  I didn’t feel like I was left hanging without any answers to what happens next.  The story like the other three is written between two authors but is smooth and flows beautifully.  When I read the other three, I read them in about two days and was bummed I had to wait for the fourth to come out. Ari really is a serious badass and her best friend Violet makes for an amazing character.  While there are lot of characters in this book and this series, I feel like the authors always make sure that you know who it is and why they are important.  I was sad when the series ended, but both Jaymin and Leia wrote such a great series it was worth it to come to the end. I love Kade throughout the whole series but he excelled as an amazing character in this book with his strength and love for Ari.  You could never forget his feelings.


Pick up Book Four here.


If you haven’t started series grab book one here

Book two here

Book three here


And let me know what you think in the comments section.


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