Pack Obsidian Gold

pack obsudian goldThe third book in the Seven Mates of Zara Wolf, Pack Obsidian Gold by CM Stunich is as always worth the read.  The story picks up where Pack Violet Shadow leaves off.  Zara and her guys are waiting to hear back from the vampire Julian. The boys and Zara are starting to come to grips with Nic dying and being saved by the stag.  Though Nic hasn’t come to terms with the fact that he died and was brought back. Nikolina, the Alpha of Pack Ebon Red, watches over the issues and trails that Zara is facing and pushes to learn more about the traitor in their midst. Zara works towards holding her secret a little longer to protect Silas. Not only does she have to figure out how to find the missing wolves, but she has to keep peace with the witches and vampires.

Zara on top of her college classes also begins her magic classes with her grandmother, the former Alpha, and last wolf known to have magic. She takes Zara into an unknown sections of woods where she shows her the darker sides of what magic is in their world. As always, Anubis is able to depart knowledge to the group that has grown to include Harlow, the vampire werewolf hybrid, and Aeron, the Unseelie Fae princess.

This book like the others is told in the first person point of view of Zara.  And like the others is a reverse harem where Zara has the interest of seven men. The sex scenes are steam and a great read making me wish there were more in the book.


Like the others before this, this book is a great read.  When it first came out Amazon screwed up and published an earlier draft, but the situation was fixed (but then I had to wait for Amazon to get me the new copy which took an extra two days longer) and the book was able to be reread.  As with the others I love how strong Zara is and how she won’t put up with anyones bullshit. She is an amazing main character. Each of her guys are amazing, even with Che being an asshole all of the time. The writing is phenomenal, but I expect nothing less from CM.  Her books are one of those that no matter the length you want to read them in one go.  I’m excited to see what happens next in this series and I dread when it is going to end.


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Or if you haven’t read any of them start with Pack Ebon Red here and check out my review here.


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