Accacia’s Curse

accacias curseAccacia’s Curse, the Sisters of Hex book one written by Bea Paige.  The story follows Accacia a lab technician checking for diseases at a local hospital.

Amanda: How do you pronounce Accacia?
Idonea: It is just like the tree kind, I have small parts of wood from an acacia tree. And I think it should sound the same, so I say it like that. Or, Ac-ca-cia.. I don’t know, Amanda. Just like it is written down.

Back to the book.
What makes Accacia unique is that she be in the sun. At the age of three she experienced first-hand how the sun burned her skin and left her passed out as her mother rescued her. Though unlike most with similar diseases, Accacia’s skin heals and regenerates. As an adult, she plans to find out what ails her and cure her disease. That is all what she wants, being able to walk in the sun.
Accacia works with a creepy co-worker that is more like a stalker, Roland. He attempts to force himself on Accacia after work in the car park, where she is saved by a mysterious stranger. Accacia finds herself under the protection of the stranger, but is able to flee after the man goes after Roland, her creepy totally stalker co-worker.
That is when she sees the ring on her finger, magically appears on her hand and she is unable to take it off.
Accacia is trust into a new life with not just the one mysterious stranger, but with three. Rain, her mysterious stranger and his two brother Devin and Ezra. Rhain tells Accacia that he has solved her Roland, the creepy stalker co-worker, issue and that he persuaded him to start treating women better. Accacia meets each of the brother and begins to form connections with each. Though Ezra pushes her away again and again.

Accacia starts to learn about where her life was actually supposed to be headed and grows her relationships with Rhain and Devin. She puts her trust in them all the wile Ezra is standoffish. But then he has a past that holds him back from being pleasant. Life changes quickly for Accacia and she starts to learn about who she really is.

A: The book was good. I found it rather short, but nothing was left out. I know that this is the first in a 15 book series so I can understand the author keeping them shorter.
I: I never read short books, I don’t like it when books finish when I like them. So this was a first for me, and it was great, got hooked from the first moment and didn’t mind that it was shorter. It was fun, gives me time to read a great book and still time to do other things, like reading the next book, in the day. Knowing that the book would be a series of 15 made it better.

A: Accacia is an interesting main character that unfortunately is timid as a mouse. She seems to jump at shadows (real or not) but at least tries to be brave.
I: That is what I like about her, she isn’t the big hero, the girl that can do everything at once. I’m like that, scared like crazy for so many things, still put a brave face on and go for it. She does that too. I like her.

I: Then you have the boys, they are great. They add so much to the story, from Ezra not wanting to get close, Devin who likes her and comforts her like, he is the hot next door neighbour. And then Rhain, the guy who saves you and wants to make sure you are oke. I like them that made the book too.

A: In the beginning I could see easily where the book was going, but was glad that it had a spin I wasn’t expecting. The book is written in the first person Accacia’s point of view.
I: I didn’t see that, I read the book and found it interesting, and different. I knew one thing for sure, I saw that one coming from miles away, not going to tell you what it was though. Read the book and find out.

The book is written in the first person Accacia’s point of view. We both enjoyed the twist in the book and enjoyed reading the story. While there are minimal characters, the story still had a good base and used the most of what it had. For a shorter book, than what we normal read was it great and a fun read. Bea Paige thank you for writing it.

Pick up your copy of Accacia’s Curse here

Book two is available now, get your copy of Accacia’s Blood here.

As well with book three coming out January 27, 2018. Preorder your copy of Accacia’s Bite here.

Have a nice read,

Amanda & Idonea





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