Throne of Secrets

throne of secretsThe third book in the Wicked kingdoms, Throne of Secrets written by Graceley Knox.

There are more questions than answers and Ever tries to keep her crew safe, struggling with the possible consequences of her actions and working through a political minefield. It is all so much, maybe too much. Determined to keep her promises, to protect her family. Ever starts looking for ally’s. And she finds them. With the help of an unlikely ally, she starts exposing secrets and starts making them right.

Knowing that Dare is her soulmate, that they are meant to be together, keeps her going. Even when she knows that it could break her heart. There main goal is keeping everyone safe, keeping her growing family safe. And find the Oder and destroy them, before it is to late.
Ever is still living in the Goblin kingdom, her home for now.  And with each problem solved there are three more to take its place.
Her crew helps her no matter what. Even Dare is there for the moments she needs him most. And when her mother shows up, Ever hopes that she is looking for her, only to be disappointed, again.
Her mother wants sanctuary within the Goblin kingdom, only she is not telling why.

Finding answers, taking risks, only not knowing if it will be enough.
Wow this book is so good. I can’t wait for the fourth one.
Ever needs to get her shit together to protect her family. And finding out that if Dare and she are mates. Which she strongly believes in, with all her heart, body and soul. I loved the way they grow to each other, how she jumps into the depth and loves Dare with everything she has.
It is so great to be introduced to Ever and her family, to read this story. And I can’t wait for the fourth book. I love how she keeps trying to protect her family, to solve all the problems on her own. And how she learns to lean more on Dare and her crew.

I love that things are kept in the dark, like her prophesy, who the other rulers are from the other worlds. What they want from her.

And who is the mysterious person who hits her on the head. In every book there are questions answered, and more are added. Which gives you something to look forward to, to the next book
I love the sex scenes in the books, the hot and steamy parts. I love the way Graceley writes, how she put the characters down. And how the story flows, how everything is correct.
The books makes me laugh, cry and have feelings of real excitement when something happens.

It is a great series to read, how Graceley put down the fae worlds and the characters within. Read the books, and I hope you like them as much as I like them. Thank you Graceley Knox, for writing this.

Buy you copy here and keep watching the site for the fourth book review.

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