Crown of Betrayal

Crown of BetrayalCrown of Betrayal, the second book in the Wicked Kingdoms Series by Graceley Knox.
If you haven’t read the first book, read that review here and start this great adventure.

The story picks up where it left off in the first book, only there is a small introduction of a certain person in a prison.
Her greatest threat to Ever is imprisoned and gone for good. So now she can focus on what really matters, getting rid of the goblins in her life, who are there for her “protection” and getting back to work capturing rogue Fae. And most important to stop thinking about Dare, and his sexy body, strong muscle, perfect face and his autumn coloured eyes. *Drool*

Only there are other problems, like Ever’s mother who has gone missing. And then finding an ancient race long believed dead. More and more questions pile up and danger creeps closer.
Trying to keep Dare at a distant and trying to keep everyone safe, including her new family member Arela.
The troubles keep coming and keep stressing Ever out.
Ever can no longer deny the pull Dare has over her heart and her body. As they forge a new bond, betrayal strikes, and its closer to home than either of them could have imagined.

They have to work together, to make sure they can stay together. The only thing that binds them is the trust they’ve put in each other and the emotions Ever refuses to name.
When everything starts to crumble and Ever can’t protect the ones she loves, she has to make a decision. One she hoped to never make.
After that Ever needs to fix her life and the world. Will she succeed or will she be left to pick up the pieces?

This one was so good, I loved how the story evolves. How they grow, and how her relationship with Dare grows. It is so well written, the story flows through the book and there are no moments where you think, huh what? The characters grow, the book gets more depth.
And the introduction of other characters is done with style. It gives you a bigger picture of the whole world. I love the Unseelie court and their queen, and how Ever handles all the different people around her. And how the druids pop up and kind of become a safe place for them all. And then you have Puck, he is magic.
It is great to have a kick ass heroine and she still has a mind of her own. Still you see her struggle with things, real things, you see that she isn’t perfect and that makes me like her. I like the protection side of Dare, the manly side. And how the crew acts around Ever. They are a family, no matter what. And I like reading about that.

Questions that are getting answered and the story that keeps developing, making these book so good. There isn’t a slow moment in them, but it doesn’t go to fast which keep you at a nice pace. Read them, they are good. It is a fun book to read. I recommend this series, it is a great read. I can tell you so much more about it, only you need to read it for yourself, and I’ll probably tell you the whole book then. So, start reading!

Get your copy here and buy here the third book, Throne of Secrets.

Read the third review here.

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