Mark of Truth

mark of truth graceleyMark of Truth, the first in The Wicked Kingdoms by Graceley Knox.
And I have one thing to say first, I loved this book so much. I kind of locked myself in the house and I forgot to do all those things I had planned. I was captivated by the book, the characters and how the story flowed.

The Wicked Kingdoms series tells the story of Ever Leath and her crew, who exist out of Eryn, Doyle, Kirin and Axel. They are the top crew of the Magical Enforcement and Containment Agency’s, or MECA as they call it. They hunt down the fairies who have gone rogue in the human realm and deliver them at the right door of the right fae realm. Did I tell you they are the best of the best, oh right I did.


Then you have the mother of Ever, who only is interested at her own well being. One day her estranged mother changes everything with one visit. Ever her whole life is turned upside down. Her mother wants her to marry, for political gain, no matter what Ever thinks, or how much it changes her life, what her mother says needs to be done. That is what Ever’s mother thinks, not what Ever thinks.

After receiving that exciting news from her mother, Ever decide to go looking for the truth behind the reason she has to marry somebody out of the blue. Starting with a visit to a local bar where a lot of dark, light fae and goblins walk around, trying to find the truth. That truth leads to disturbing news about Ever’s heritage. She always thought that she was a half breed, a human mixed with elf. Now she finds the answers and not only that, she finds Dare Fitzpatrick. Captain of the Royal Goblin Guards and son of the current Goblin King, and he claims to know who Ever’s real father is. Only there is one big problem, there is a big change that she is in danger. Not really knowing what to do with Dare, she keeps sceptical. Only when Dare helps her escape her would-be suitor and grants her shelter within the

The character, Ever, is a great heroine. I love her straight to the point moments, that she loves her crew and her drive to protect them and the everyone around her. Even when she knows that she needs to sacrifice herself doing so. Then you have Eryn, she is sweet, the mother hen of the group, always thinking about what the reactions would be to the actions of Ever and the crew. Then you have Doyle, Kirin and Axel, they are great, they are the big brothers the group. Axel is the quiet one and Doyle and Kirin are the muscle of the group. Ever grew up with Doyle and they share a history together, not a romantic one.
Then you have Dare, ow, he is so great. Well written, the possessive goblin, wanting to protect Ever and doesn’t stop even when she says so. I liked him from the first moment, and he got a place in my heart. Have to say, it is getting crowded there, still room for other characters. Then you have Dax and Dagan, Dare’s brothers. They are great extra additions to the story. They add dimension, if it had been only Dare, it would be flat and I think boring.
I love how everything is detailed and told, there are two more books out in this series, and I read them all in two days. I loved it and have a new favorite author.

If you love series about the fae, goblins, elves, and other creatures, read these books.

By here the first book, Mark of Truth. And get here the second book, Crown of Betrayal and here the third book Throne of Secrets.

Read the review of Crown of a Betrayal, second book to the series here.

Have a nice read,





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