The Tiger’s Ambush

the tiger ambushBook Three, The Tiger’s Ambush by Tate James is so intense that you can’t help but read it in one go. Kit and her guys, River, Cole, Caleb, Austin, Wesley and Vali are trying to learn about her past from Victor in the remote supernatural town in Alaska. Kit learns more than she expects about who her mother is and who she is becoming. After having released both of Cole and Vali’s supernatural potential in The Dragon’s Wing, Kit is learning about her ability to heal others.  Her knowledge grows about the kind of person her mother was and the reason why she was left on a street as a child.  Kit also learns that she is in fact two years older than she thought making her 21. She starts to grow her relationship more thoroughly with Wes and begins to see that she is having feelings for Austin, though she gets mad at herself every time that happens.

Victor tells everyone that her healing can be linked to sex and this ups the chemistry between the characters in the book. Except it seems that for every sexy time Kit and Wes have, someone breaks it up before it can go to far.

Austin splits from the group to go visit his and Caleb’s master having been informed in book 2 that he had a stroke.  Vali is forced to go back to his life of crime, knowing that he can’t be away from it too long without dire consequences. Jonathan enrolls Kit into Omega for training as she had promised by their deal if she was ever caught.

Issues arise and Kit is forced into action changing her dynamics between herself, Caleb and Austin.


This book like the other two before it is amazing.  It went in directions I would have never thought about and only made the story so much more in depth.  The chapters switch between character point of view and add to reactions of everyone.  And the sex scenes were super sexy and steamy, even the last one. As the story progressed I had a hard time deciding which of her guys was my favorite, but I think even after the other two I would still have to say Austin, followed up by River.  Austin’s asshole personality is written so well, but getting the background in this book really cemented him as one of my favorites.  And well River, sexy dominating Brit, who can say no.  There were a few intense moments in the book that made me shutter and have to give myself a visual break (once you get to that part you will see what I mean), but that just tells you how amazing and descriptive Tate is. I hate that I have to wait until March for the next even knowing that there are supposed to be six books in the series.


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