The newest series from Leia Stone, Skyborn in the Dragons and Druids Series. Sloane Murphy is running for her life. She went hiking in the Grand Canyon and slipped to sprout wings and turn into a dragon saving her from a horrible death. She has been running from hunters that have tried to capture her, but she doesn’t know why.  She only knows that they want to kill her.  While on the run, Sloane is cornered and without being able to keep her emotions in check shifts into an eight foot red dragon, matching her hair. While thinking she is living in a delusion, circus animals (as she puts it) come to her rescue, along with a tall sexy man wielding shotgun. When one of the circus animals transforms from a large black wolf into a sexy tattooed lady, Sloane passes out. When she wakes again, she learns that her dragon magic is broken, but also that she is one of two remaining dragon’s left in the world.  Tall sexy stranger, Logan Sharp was the last remaining dragon before her random transformation.  Sloane doesn’t know why, but she is completely drawn to Logan. She is brought into the world of shifters and sorcerers, druids, and dragons. The Dragon’s or the Skyborn are the protectors of humans and Druids or the Earthbound are the force trying to end the dragon’s and take the earth for themselves. Each day is a test as Sloane doesn’t know what she is or how to control her dragon magic.

Another great read by Leia Stone.  The narrative of Sloane is written so well. Understanding who she is and seeing into her head, she has the same insecurities as the rest of us.  While her main character is still a force to be reckoned with, Leia proves that main characters can still screw up. I love the menagerie of shifters and why they are doing what they do. And each role every character plays is so well done.  Nadine is awesome and I loved her personality. She is totally someone I would be friends with. I can’t wait for book 2.  Also Leia wrote a short story about Logan leading up to and into this book. I totally recommend checking it out. This might replace Matefinder as my favorite Leia Stone book/series.


Pick up Skyborn here.


Grab your copy of Logan here.


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