Nightmare Hunter: The Cursed

Nightmare Hunter: The Cursed (Alternative Futures Book 1) by [Hope, Averi, Andersen, Lacey Carter]Nightmare Hunter: The Cursed in the Alternative Futures series by Averi Hope and Lacey Carter Andersen prove that space and alien romance can work. Erin is attending the elite command school for the known universe. But she has one than more one issue.  Her biggest is that she is the daughter of the Flight Admiral who is rather unhappy that she wants to attend.  Her other issue is her ability to enter people’s dreams and gather information. Her first day, Erin notices Caleb a half human half warrior race that she can’t get out of her mind. And the feeling is mutual.  Caleb notices Erin and goes about trying to get her Alpha Male style. The book is written from each of the main characters points of view so knowing what is going on in each of their heads is a major part of this book. Erin and Caleb push at each other and grow relationship where normally racism/speciesism would get in to way.  

Erin is a fun female lead, especially with her ability to not take shit. While I know there are a lot of females out there that can kickass, Erin was raised to do it and just accepts life.  Her ultimate goal of being one of the first (book mentions there were only 3 others) Level 10 starship captains is great, since in this alternate future it seems women are still held back.  Caleb is totally the alpha male to the extreme (but not in a bad way, it’s just his species). I love how he thinks and he would often make me laugh.  I feel like we can all use a little alpha in our lives. The writing is extremely smooth especially since this book is written between two authors. I enjoy reading a multi-author work that reads so seamless.  Book two is out soon and I am looking forward to she how Erin reacts after the ending.


Check out book one here


And pre-order book two here.


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