The Vixen’s Lead

vixen leadsFrom the mind of Tate James comes notorious thief Kit Davenport.  The Vixen’s Lead is the first in the Kit Davenport Series. Kit is a thief, but not because she needs the money, no she is a thief to test her skills and abilities. She would only steal from those that were hurting others and stealing themselves. Kit along with her best friend Lucy attend a private school after having being adopted years prior by businessman Jonathan. Neither girls had been to school for a long time, so where older finishing high school. Both were abused and hurt in their foster home, though Kit was abused more severely.  Kit steals and leaves behind a small fox statue and has earned a spot of numerous wanted lists. Kit and Lucy hide what they do and go about their days as normal 18 year olds. Kit has a secret that her adoptive father and Lucy know about.  She can heal extremely fast, no matter the injury. But it has a catch, she can only do it when she has a rush of emotions like fear and excitement. Though that in its own has its drawbacks, since if she gets the rush and no injuries to heal, she gets an adrenaline overload that needs to be burned off.

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Shadow Queen

Shadow Queen (A Reverse Harem Romance Serial): The Shadow Court Book 1 by [Thomas, Harlow, James, Anastasia]Shadow Queen by Harlow Thomas and Anastasia James is the first release for The Shadow Court Series.  So far this is a slow burn reverse harem story following Maeve a junior in college and her two roommates Jensen and Finn. Maeve is a political science major while her two roommates a little less about them is known as they are secretive around her. The book moves extremely quickly leaving months that go by without a word. This novel is rather short and leaves the reader wondering what happened in between chapters. The book is written from the point of view of each of the three characters and almost no outside characters are introduced into the dynamic. Maeve right off the back begins to have more than average feelings for her roommates, but they attempt to keep their relationship with Maeve casual.  She attempts to win them over and constantly invites them to join her, at least from the few chapters that they interact it seems that way. Finn has growing feelings for Maeve and tries to not act on it, while Jensen refuses to acknowledge that he also feels something for her as well.  What Maeve doesn’t know is that the boys hold an important secret that she doesn’t understand yet,

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Pack Ebon Red

Pack Ebon Red (The Seven Mates of Zara Wolf Book 1) by [Stunich, C.M.]The new wolf shifter by C.M. Stunich really is an amazing twist in the Werewolf world. Pack Ebon Red, the first in the Seven Mates of Zara Wolf is a reverse harem novel. Zara is no simple wolf shifter.  She is the daughter of the Alpha and the next Alpha in succession. She is now 18 so that means she is ready to take her mate.  Her grandmother, the previous alpha had struck a deal with one of the 7 major wolf packs that the next six generations will wed into only one pack.  But Zara’s mother goes against that, and decides that her daughter will not be limited and can pick her mate from the other six packs aside from their own Ebon Red.

Zara along with her guard Nik, who is also a Ebon Red, attend the local college in her home in Oregon. She and Nik are in love but as he is not part of the Alpha family, he isn’t one of the Alpha Heirs allowed to pursue Zara after her coming of age ceremony.  Zara is introduced to three of the Alpha Heirs before the official ceremony and they come to stay at her home, where she and Nik live. She decides to go against the rules and has her first time with Nik.  Little did she know that by sleeping with him, Zara has triggered her magic, something that hadn’t been seen in wolves since her grandmothers time. Zara convinces her mother to include Nik as one of the seven possible mates from each of the packs. Zara now has to live with all seven men ranging in ages 17 to 21 for the next year. Each guy attempts to start wooing her while they are required to learn what was happening to wolf packs across the country. This book uses Werewolves, vampires, witches, and fae to create a dynamic story.  This is the first of seven books.

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Echoes of Her Soul

Echoes of Her Soul: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (Soul Tenders Book 2) by [Lindahl, Serena]The second installment of the Soul Tender series, Echoes of her Soul is the continuation of Kiarra and her five soul matches. The soul tenders have told the king of Megreria that not only does Kiarra belong in the castle but that she has a soul match from each of the five houses. Each of her matches are meant to live with her in the castle teaching her and training her in their specific houses. Mason of the Military House, Ian of the Spy House, Clay of the Merchant House, Sebastian of the Planner house, and lastly Reed of the Scholar House. With each of her matches near, Kiarra becomes more skilled in each of the houses abilities. Not only does Kiarra learn, but each of the guys learns about becoming the leaders to help the royalty which she has learned she is meant to become in place of the cruel prince. Reed discovers a journal written by one of the first queens of Megreria.  Kiarra is the only one that can open and learns that she and her siblings on her father’s side were one of her children from her ancestors soul match from the merchant house. Things begin to get complicated within the castle with the prince learning about his father’s change in succession.Read More »

Dragon’s Blood

dragons bloodThe second instalment of the Dragon’s Gift Trilogy from Jasmine Walt and May Sage is such a great second book to the series. Dragon’s Blood picks up right where Dragon’s Gift leaves off.

Idonea: So if you didn’t read the first one, start now and then come back to read this review and to buy your copy at the end if this review.

The war is being lost, the dragons are losing to the elves and the elves have demanded a political prisoner. Dareena is being forced to Elvenhame. Unwilling to allow her to go alone, Alistair is chosen to go with her. Treated as common prisoners and not the royalty they are, Dareena and Alistair are forced to ride in an open wagon in front of all of Dragonfell. The princes and Dareena learn that the elves have a warlock spell that transforms any person in dragon form back human, killing three of the royal sisters. Drystan remains to act as head of the country in wake of Dareena and Alistair’s confinement. Lucyan is still recovering from his injury inflicted by his father and goes towards his brother to offer his help with the war effort.

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Pieces of Her Soul

Pieces of Her Soul: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (Soul Tenders Book 1) by [Lindahl, Serena]The first in the Soul Tenders series, Pieces of Her Soul by Serena Lindahl is a unique reverse harem.  Kiarra is as her schoolmaster states a disaster. While everyone else in Megreria have a place within one of the five Houses.  No these aren’t like Harry Potter houses, but could be grouped a bit more like the Divergent series.  This is not post apocalyptic Earth like Divergent, this is in fact its own world.  Unlike other stories that have Houses, people test into these house and are required to by the time they are 19.  The houses range from Military, Spy, Merchants, Planners and Scholars.  Kiarra is born to a Rank 2, where rank 1 is the highest and Rank 4 and commoner is the lowest.  Her mother is a Rank 2 scholar married to a lower level Merchant that is a drunkard jealous of his wifes scores even though they are supposed to be Soul Matches.  Kiarra has an older brother that she was very close with and a younger sister that is very much like her father. Her brother is a Planner while her sister is getting ready to test and will be placed in the Merchant house.  Kiarra, unlike everyone else doesn’t fit into one of the houses. She, in practice tests, either does amazingly well or bombs every test she takes.  Kiarra doesn’t understand why she isn’t able to fit into a place.  Her main supporter is that of her mother, the one person besides her brother that doesn’t think there is anything wrong with her learning styles.

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Dragon’s Gift

dragons giftThe first revers harem published by Jasmine Walt and co-author by May Sage, Dragon’s Gift is the first in this fantasy trilogy. Dragon’s Gift follows the tale of Dareena, a girl that works in an inn in Hallowdale, an outer city of Dragonfell, she has raven hair and is good of heart. She is lusted after by the owner of the inn, but with the laws she is unavailable until after the choosing of the Dragon’s Gift. In Dragonfell a curse was placed by the Elven goddess only allowing the Dragon king to have full blooded dragon shifting childer. Others have the blood, but they are unable to actually become dragons. The Dragon’s Gift is one women chosen by the Dragon God to be the mate of the king and has the ability to bear his children that can also shift from human to dragon. Three woman from each of the provinces are picked and sent to the castle for one to be picked. When the choosing day comes to Hallowdale, Dareena, though different from previous Dragon’s Gift (all were redhead or strawberry blondes), is chosen by displaying her beauty through not just looks but her character as well. Dareena is sent with two others from town to make her way to the Castle. But one issue doesn’t seem to the possible Dragon’s Gifts, which of the three brothers is meant to take the Dragon’s Gift for his bride.

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