Dragon’s Curse

Dragon's Curse: a Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (The Dragon's Gift Trilogy Book 3) by [Walt, Jasmine, Sage, May]The final book in the Dragon’s Gift series by Jasmine Walt and May Sage has been released.

Idonea: And it was so good!!!

This reverse harem novel follows the continuing story of Dareena and the three dragonbron princes Drystan, Lucyan and Alistair. With the death of Taldren and the kidnapping of Basilla, Dareena and her mates are unsure how to move next. The dragons can feel the warlocks right on their doorstep. Royals (Basilla’s brother) and Lucyan decide to infiltrate the warlock lands in order to learn more about what is going on and to find and rescue Basilla before anything can happen to her at the hands of the warlock prince. Alistair joins his sisters in training the remaining military forces to prepare for war. And as always Drystan is left at the castle to deal with the politics of home. But Drystan is lucky to still get to stay close to a pregnant Dareena. Drystan is able to visit the Dragon God.

Amanda: Totally love the god.

And learn of some of his plans. He also is told how to recognize the next Oracle. Dareena in her pregnant state is given three ladies in waiting, one of them being her enemy from Hallowdale, Lyria. More issues arise, that even the dragon princes can’t anticipate.

A: This was a great third book. While it did not have a final battle like the others, how this book ended was so much more fitting.
I: I missed the epic battle a little, still what Amanda said is true, it is a much better ending then an epic battle.
A: The writing is smoothly done between authors and the story line progresses so well. I really like how time moves in these books. It doesn’t not seem overly rushed (when traveling it does take the three days, and doesn’t gloss over it).
I: The writing was great in the first and second book, so I didn’t doubt that this book would be different.

The different chapters still follow the same style of the different point of views. That give the book much more depth and shows the time that goes by more real, you read that some of them leave for three days and in those three days you read what happened with others. So they fill the parts up with other point of views.

A: I am interested in listening to the audio for this series as the authors got different voices to read depending on whose chapter it was. As with the previous books, Lucyan is still my favorite and his growth along witht the others is such a great read.
I: I’m still fan of all three of them, like Alistair, he is the soft one of them. Still give me all three. They make the perfect blend.

Dareena grows too, she gets more comfortable with herself and her surroundings. It is still nice to see her fall back on her quaint ways. Especially since she is supposed to be the link between the
royalty and the commoners. The new introduced characters are awesome.
A: But don’t trust our word, read this book for yourself.

It is a shame that this was the last book. We would love to read more about Dareena and the boys. Still it was a great end to a great series.

If you want to read more from Jasmine Walt or May Sage, click than here for Jasmine Walt and here for May Sage.

Check out book three, Dragon’s Curse here

Have a nice read,

Amanda & Idonea



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