Sovereign, Irdesi Empire

SovereignSovereign, Irdesi Empire book two, by Addison Cain, is the second book, and the continuation of the story around Sigil/Quinn.

If you haven’t read the first review check here, and get your copy of the first one here.

The story of Sigil continues in this second book. She is taken to a different planted after the destruction on Pax. A planet where she is kept to heal, to get better. After all the destruction on Pax, she lost a part of her life there. And now she mourns, being alive, in the hands of the people who did this to her. Learning to live a new life, the Brotherhood tries to get her attention, tries to make her feel better, tries to make her happy and in love with her family.
The hate she has for the Sovereign is still there, the need to kill him, kill the brotherhood all that is still there. It doesn’t matter how hard the Sovereign tries, how hard the brotherhood tries, she keeps hurting them that was wat she was trained to do. And there is more, a secret the Sovereign keeps from her, an important part of her life that needs to be told. Only of fear that she will run, kill and be lost again keeps the brotherhood silent.

There is more depth to this book, and I’m happy that I kept reading it. I liked that you see a small healing part in this book. That you see that she find a kind of peace, on her own terms. I still can’t stand Sovereign, and I’m happy that there are other characters like Karhl, the lord commander.
I liked him in the first book too, and I liked him here more. That there are so many secrets kept from Sigil is something I don’t like, still gives the book a nice read. It keeps you reading, so that is good. Still the book was flat, not much depth in the surroundings. The best thing about this second part is that the book tells more about everybody. It isn’t all about dominating one female, it is more about how she grows and the people around her. Still not dark and twisted, I have to confess that there was one part that I thought of, that was gross, I’m not going to tell which part that was.
There will be a third part, it will be coming out in 2018 so we have to wait. I Really want to know if Sigil will heal, if Sovereign stops being a strange dick.
Get your copy of the second book here.
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One thought on “Sovereign, Irdesi Empire

  1. […] Read that review here. Still I liked that the book was different from others, that there are parts in them that confuses you, or that aren’t the happy ever after like most of the books. There were too many details and not enough if you get what I mean, when you see it as a movie, the book only showed her and the sovereign and the people around them that matters. And the rest is a blur, I’m a person that likes more details about the surrounding, the background of the people around them. Still if the book had more strong emotions it would be my favorite. The writer has something that pulls at me, and I can understand that her other books are great. So I’m certainly going to check those out. […]


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