Shifter’s University

Shifter's University by [Thompson, K.R.]Shifter’s University the first in the series by the same name by K.R. Thompson is a good read, though rather short for my taste. The book follows Claire and Logan two shifters that are brought together by happenstance.  Logan is a dragon shifter that is almost forced to work for the school he attends as he has issues with authority.  Claire is a fox shifter that comes from an abusive foster home. Logan is shown to Claire by her best friend and witch Hadley.  Claire is invited to join the local private school nicknamed Shifter University by the residents. During the summer months only shifters are allowed to attend. This helps those students practice their shifting, but also prepare them to live in the outside world. Claire has a foster brother that she is close to and a foster father she wants to escape from.  Once Claire finally gets out, she joins others like her at school. But school has more than she bargains for.  Not only in her love interest Logan, but in learning that she isn’t just the average fox. She creates friends and enemies and learns about her real past.

This story is written in two person point of view.  Each of the two main characters trade off chapters explaining their feelings and the events that are occuring. The story was good, but the book seemed really short and I wished somethings were explained a little more in depth.  Logan is the bad boy that gets into trouble and Claire is who can help turn him around. The two supporting female characters, Hadley and Lacy (Claire’s roommate) were well written.  I felt like Claire was a really weak main character and liked her friends more than her. At the smallest things she would panic and become too one dimensional.  She never really becomes brave and, while she is new to this life, never really becomes more. But with the ending and the next book due out soon, hopefully Claire can step up and become more than a girl needing saving.


Check out book one here.

Pre-order book two here.


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