Pack Violet Shadow

pack violet shadowBook two of the Seven Mates of Zara Wolf, Pack Violet Shadow by C.M. Stunich is even better than the first. The group along with Zara include Nic of Pack Ebon Red, Jaxson of Pack Azure Frost, Silas of Pack Obsidian Gold, Anubis of Pack Crimson Dusk, Montgomery of Pack Ivory Emerald, Che of Pack Violet Shadow and Tidus of Pack Amber Ash. This book opens where the last left off with the new pack hunt, Zara and her seven mates after seeing the vampire attack while out hunting the moose return to share some of what they had learned to Nikolina, the Alpha female, and some of the other male alphas. Nikolina shares the information of the mating between Che and Zara while Nic barely holds in his anger. She also learns of the impromptu meeting between the eight and the Unseelie Queen. Zara and her mates are working towards learning more about the missing mates and as they research and dig deeper, more of the vile side of her world is revealed. From run ins with witches to vampire queens, Zara and her mates find themselves learning more than they thought was possible.  Zara gets to get frisky with not one or two, but all of her new mates and the scenes are steamy and not for the faint of heart. While her best friend Faith comes back, there is trouble on that front since she is human and doesn’t understand how werewolves are. Zara learns the most important thing, that she is destined to have not just one soul mate but seven, helping her realize that at the end of a year she wouldn’t have to pick only one of the guys that she is with. Nic starts to come to terms with sharing Zara especially after understanding her heart a little more.

All I can say is wow.  This book had so much I couldn’t put it down.  Each of the characters get to be more amazing and learning more back story on each helps. Throughout the book I felt so bad for Silas and wanted to comfort him myself. The inclusion of the different races, including the human (Faith), though she is clueless, just makes the story so much more involved. The writing is flawless, and I know that due to issues this book had been pushed back over a month from its original release date. And I have to say it was totally worth it to see the finished book. Reading it from the first I would have to say my favorite male might have changed. They are all amazing for different reasons but with the dynamics of each of the guys and their attitudes towards each other and Zara really brought who my favorites were to life. The puppy piles continue to make me laugh and I can’t wait for book three: Pack Obsidian Gold to be released December 31, 2018.  Who was your favorite?  I would love to hear from you.


Pick up Book two here.


If you haven’t read book one, see my review here, but first pick up your copy here.


And lastly pre-order book three here.


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