The Vixen’s Lead

vixen leadsFrom the mind of Tate James comes notorious thief Kit Davenport.  The Vixen’s Lead is the first in the Kit Davenport Series. Kit is a thief, but not because she needs the money, no she is a thief to test her skills and abilities. She would only steal from those that were hurting others and stealing themselves. Kit along with her best friend Lucy attend a private school after having being adopted years prior by businessman Jonathan. Neither girls had been to school for a long time, so where older finishing high school. Both were abused and hurt in their foster home, though Kit was abused more severely.  Kit steals and leaves behind a small fox statue and has earned a spot of numerous wanted lists. Kit and Lucy hide what they do and go about their days as normal 18 year olds. Kit has a secret that her adoptive father and Lucy know about.  She can heal extremely fast, no matter the injury. But it has a catch, she can only do it when she has a rush of emotions like fear and excitement. Though that in its own has its drawbacks, since if she gets the rush and no injuries to heal, she gets an adrenaline overload that needs to be burned off.

A few days after the latest heist, two new guys enroll in school. Twins Caleb and Austin King bring new trouble and opportunities to Kit. Caleb acts kind  while Austin is generally a prick.  Through Caleb and Austin, Kit is introduced to three more overly handsome men, Cole, River, and Wesley. Each guy has a part to play in who Kit is and who she wants to be. This is a reverse harem, though not all of the guys are in a relationship with Kit during this book.  I can’t forget the appearance of the fox that she feeds at school, since that is her mascot in a way.


I love this book.  I need Tate to write something I can’t stop reading. This book is written from the different points of view from each of the six main characters. It makes the book sure clear and brings each of the characters to life. Kit is so badass and isn’t afraid to prove that she isn’t a weakling even after the trauma of her childhood. She is a female character to look up too since nothing holds her back. Her reasons for stealing and all of her actions are so well thought out and make the story more believable.  This still has pieces of fantasy (once you read it you will understand) but the characters are relatable and go through natural dilemmas that anyone could go through. It was refreshing to see that Lucy was the tech brains behind their operation and it wasn’t a guy like in lots of books.  I totally recommend this read.  Book two is available now and book 3 comes out December 29, 2018.


Pick up book one here


Grab book two here


Pre-Order book three here


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