The Dragon’s Wing

the dragons wingThe second of the Kit Davenport books is a shock to the system.  The Dragon’s Wing by Tate James takes the reader on a rollercoaster that you don’t want to see the end of. Kit has joined River’s team officially now.  While everyone else loves Kit, Austin still acts like an asshole. On a paintball outing of capture the flag, Kit is taken from under the guys noses.  She ends up trapped with numerous other women, forced to change into an overly revealing out that is very much out of character for her.  She comes to the realization that she is has been captured as part of a human trafficking ring.  Once she is forced on stage she sees a blast from the past who is bidding on her.  

With her luck, she is purchased by a mysterious stranger. Kit is then taken away to a house on the hill by the mystery stranger The Romanian, Dragomir Valeriu du Romane, or better known as Vali.  Kit is held at his home, though is told she will be sold again to her worst enemy, Mr. Grey. She attempts to escape by climbing out of a window, but is pulled to safety by Vali. Little does she suspect that he has plans of his own.  When he is injured, Kit tries to use her healing ability on him but it goes sideways. Kit learns more about her guys, the steamy gets knocked up a notch and Kit finally starts learning more about who she is and who her mother was. This reverse harem novel is such a great read.

Now if you want to read something amazing, read this. I don’t normally find the second books better, normally I consider them to be on par with the first, but this book!!! Kit is so amazing and so totally badass still.  Even with everything she goes through in this book, her outlook is commendable.  Her strength as a character grows and learning more about who she is made finishing the book so hard, I just wanted to keep going.  Learning more about each of the guys pasts adds to the dynamic of River’s team.  So many unexpected things happened in this book.  Like the previous book, The Vixen’s Lead, each chapter is written from one characters point of view.  While large chunks are dedicated to Kit, as they should be with the shit that happens to her, what happens to the guys plays a large part overall. Vali is such an interesting character to add to the group especially with the tense that it now brings in. I’m so happy that book 3 releases the 29th of December so I don’t have to wait much longer to read what happens next.  The ending leaves you needing more.


Pick up your copy of Book 2 here.


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And you can also Pre-Order Book Four here.


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