Sigil, Irdesi Empire

SigilSigil, Irdesi Empire Book One by Addison Cain. I first heard about this book on Facebook. Other readers said it is a dark and twisted book, something I didn’t really agree too. Maybe I have a different idea of dark and twisted.

The book tells the story of Sigil/Quinn a modified human. She lives on a ship named Pax with an alien keeper, Que an Axirlan. An alien kind that doesn’t show emotions, they are strong and powerful. She is on the run from her past or better said the Sovereign. He is the leader of the empire. And like her, he is also modified by the humans, to be better, stronger and more powerful. He wants her, to keep her and overpower her. She is his obsession, his consort. And Sigil is on the run from him, for years she kept hidden on Pax, living her life as a slave.  Que is her master and her lover.
The sovereign finds her and wants to get her home, no matter what, she is coming “home” with him.

Like I said, it has to be a dark and twisted story, only I missed the dark and twisted parts. There are moments that could be called twisted or dark, Sigil murdered people around her like flies on a wall. Or how the Sovereign tries to possess her. I have to say, I liked that Sigil has a dark personality, doubts everything around her and doesn’t trust anybody except Que, still she has a good heart, wants to do best for the people who deserve it, and wants to do the best to stay away from the darkness inside her. Then you have the sovereign he confusing and strange, so no opinion about him, sorry.
I can’t find it dark and twisted, not in the emotions, the motivations i get and that gives the dark and twisted feel only the book is still flat, no strong emotions behind them. And believe me, I cry when I see a little bunny on the TV that is being hurt.
I read the whole book, wanted to know how it ended and read the second book to.

Read that review here.
Still I liked that the book was different from others, that there are parts in them that confuses you, or that aren’t the happy ever after like most of the books. There were too many details and not enough if you get what I mean, when you see it as a movie, the book only showed her and the sovereign and the people around them that matters. And the rest is a blur, I’m a person that likes more details about the surrounding, the background of the people around them. Still if the book had more strong emotions it would be my favorite. The writer has something that pulls at me, and I can understand that her other books are great. So I’m certainly going to check those out.

You can buy your copy here and check the review of the second book here.
And please, don’t let my review stop you from making your own opinion about the book. It was well written and still worth the effort to read. If you like the darker things in live.

Have a nice read,



P.s Let me know what you think about the book, leave a comment, torture me on facebook or keep silent…………


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