Shadow Queen

Shadow Queen (A Reverse Harem Romance Serial): The Shadow Court Book 1 by [Thomas, Harlow, James, Anastasia]Shadow Queen by Harlow Thomas and Anastasia James is the first release for The Shadow Court Series.  So far this is a slow burn reverse harem story following Maeve a junior in college and her two roommates Jensen and Finn. Maeve is a political science major while her two roommates a little less about them is known as they are secretive around her. The book moves extremely quickly leaving months that go by without a word. This novel is rather short and leaves the reader wondering what happened in between chapters. The book is written from the point of view of each of the three characters and almost no outside characters are introduced into the dynamic. Maeve right off the back begins to have more than average feelings for her roommates, but they attempt to keep their relationship with Maeve casual.  She attempts to win them over and constantly invites them to join her, at least from the few chapters that they interact it seems that way. Finn has growing feelings for Maeve and tries to not act on it, while Jensen refuses to acknowledge that he also feels something for her as well.  What Maeve doesn’t know is that the boys hold an important secret that she doesn’t understand yet,

This was a really fast read due to its length.  I felt like in the later part of the book, the relationship between Maeve, Finn and Jensen was holey since the reader didn’t get to see their relationship growing. It moves from one part of the year to the next and I as a reader would rather be shown the relationship building and changing then be told that it happened some place.  It gave the relationship a rushed feel because so much of it happened off page (kind of like off screen in a movie, but well off page since we are told and don’t read it ourselves). I would have liked to see a build up between the characters more and understand how they get to the end. I have been left with some questions that I don’t feel were addressed.  Hopefully in book 2 I will get answers and the book might explain more.

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