Pack Ebon Red

Pack Ebon Red (The Seven Mates of Zara Wolf Book 1) by [Stunich, C.M.]The new wolf shifter by C.M. Stunich really is an amazing twist in the Werewolf world. Pack Ebon Red, the first in the Seven Mates of Zara Wolf is a reverse harem novel. Zara is no simple wolf shifter.  She is the daughter of the Alpha and the next Alpha in succession. She is now 18 so that means she is ready to take her mate.  Her grandmother, the previous alpha had struck a deal with one of the 7 major wolf packs that the next six generations will wed into only one pack.  But Zara’s mother goes against that, and decides that her daughter will not be limited and can pick her mate from the other six packs aside from their own Ebon Red.

Zara along with her guard Nik, who is also a Ebon Red, attend the local college in her home in Oregon. She and Nik are in love but as he is not part of the Alpha family, he isn’t one of the Alpha Heirs allowed to pursue Zara after her coming of age ceremony.  Zara is introduced to three of the Alpha Heirs before the official ceremony and they come to stay at her home, where she and Nik live. She decides to go against the rules and has her first time with Nik.  Little did she know that by sleeping with him, Zara has triggered her magic, something that hadn’t been seen in wolves since her grandmothers time. Zara convinces her mother to include Nik as one of the seven possible mates from each of the packs. Zara now has to live with all seven men ranging in ages 17 to 21 for the next year. Each guy attempts to start wooing her while they are required to learn what was happening to wolf packs across the country. This book uses Werewolves, vampires, witches, and fae to create a dynamic story.  This is the first of seven books.

This is one of the best series I have read.  Be aware that there is sex and nudity in this book, but as a wolf shifter story it is expected.  With each of the seven guys, you start to pick your favorite.  I know I have mine.  Zara is such a strong lead character and doesn’t let anyone command her.  Not even her own mother alpha.  She is fearless and is willing to fight for what she wants.  Her best friend Faith is a bit over the top, but with all that is going on in her life it doesn’t seem too off.  Each character has such depth that the reader gets caught up in what is going on. C.M. writes such amazing characters I never wanted to put the book down. Who is your favorite of Zara’s mates?  Let me know in the comments


Pick up book one, Pack Ebon Red here


Once you are done read book two, Pack Violet Shadow here


And pre-order book three, Pack Obsidian Gold here


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